Community College Organizes "Fans Festival" to Celebrate the World Cup

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 01 November 2022
Community College Organizes "Fans Festival" to Celebrate the World Cup
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In a festive atmosphere, full of enthusiasm and entertainment, the Community College of Qatar organized the "College Fans Festival", with the wide participation of students, in the presence of Dr. Khaled Mohamed Al-Horr, President of the College, and a number of faculty and administrative staff.

The festival included many cultural, sports, and entertainment events and activities, designed to celebrate the shared passion in love of football, with the start of the 2022 World Cup, which Qatar is honored to host: For the first time in the Arab world.

On this occasion, Dr. Khaled Al-Horr, President of the College, stressed the importance of sport in stimulating human, social and cultural development among members of society, especially if this sport is loved and attended by millions of people around the world, such as football, expressing his happiness with the approaching date of the World Championship, and the escalation of The pace of enthusiasm and suspense in various parts of Qatar, with everyone waiting for the start of the whistle for the opening match.

He added that the college's festival for fans, which was organized by the Department of Public Relations and Communication, in cooperation with the Student Affairs Sector,

It contributes to providing a glimpse into the wonderful atmosphere that will prevail in the country during the upcoming football festival, and reflects an aspect of the sports and cultural activities allocated by the college; To be accompanying the World Cup events; With the aim of enhancing communication between college students, creating an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm with the approaching date of the country’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup, and engaging community college students in this exceptional tournament, and spending happy and unforgettable times.

The beginning of the festival was with the launch of the College Football Championship on the PlayStation, “FIFA 2023”, which lasted for four consecutive days, in which 25 students from various academic disciplines participated, and competed for the championship title, within the system of eliminating the loser, and activating the defensive control settings tactical defense", with injuries disabled, and there were no prerequisites for participating in the multiplayer tournament stages.

Among the festival's activities, was the "Encourage Your Team" exhibition and competition, where the event revolved around each team representing one of the countries participating in the World Cup, showing its preparations and enthusiasm; To encourage his team, the most interactive and enthusiastic team will have the chance to win this competition; Based on the highest votes from the audience.

The exhibition, whose number of pavilions reached 8 pavilions, reflected in their contents, the culture, and products of each of the teams: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and England, attracted the admiration of visitors, who learned about the culture of each of those countries and they listened to a simplified explanation from the students competing for the title of the best exhibition, about their choice of these countries, and the culture, customs, and traditions of each country, so that the Qatar pavilion team and the Mexico pavilion crowned; According to the result of the audience vote.