Nama Launches "Restart" to Employ Young People at Cloud Computing

  • Publish date: Thursday، 02 June 2022
Nama Launches "Restart" to Employ Young People at Cloud Computing

In cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Nama Center for Social Development, one of the centers operating under the supervision and oversight of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, announced the launch of the “AWS re/Start” training program, with the aim of preparing and training Qatari youth and resident youth to fill distinguished positions in the field of cloud computing and technology.

Nama Launches "Restart" to Employ Young People at Cloud Computing

The launch of this free 12-week training program from May 15 to August 11 is part of the efforts of the Nama Center for Youth Service and Skills Development, as it is designed to help job seekers or those looking to improve their career paths, especially since it does not require that the applicant should have no previous experience in the field of technology.

The program provides participants with specialized training in cloud computing skills and techniques, vocational training, and CV preparation, in addition to giving them the opportunity to conduct job interviews with local companies.

Under the supervision of a group of specialized experts and certified trainers from around the world, participants in the program have unique opportunities to learn technical skills in a number of vital areas such as programming, networks, cybersecurity, and databases, through learning based on simulating real work environments, practical laboratories.

Nama Launches "Restart" to Employ Young People at Cloud Computing

For her part, Mrs. Seba Mohammed Nasser Al-Fadala, Executive Director of the Center for Social Development "Nama", highlighted the importance of the "Restart" training program, saying: "We are proud to strengthen our joint and fruitful cooperation with Amazon Web Services by launching the "Restart" training program, where our visions unite in order to gain our young people have the skills that qualify them to get jobs in the field of cloud computing.

She added: We spare no effort to expand the options available to young people and contribute to building their capabilities and empowering them in the State of Qatar. Therefore, through this program, we seek to provide local organizations with a group of innovators to help transform their work to the prospects of the digital world and to contribute to bridging the gap in the local market in the field of cloud computing. I assure you that all our youth programs stem from our understanding of the challenges and opportunities they currently face in order to create a better future for all.”

It should be noted that the Center for Social Development "Nama" is the exclusive destination in the State of Qatar that offers the "AWS re/Start" training program for those who wish to start a career path in the field of cloud computing. To enroll in the program, the applicant must have a high school diploma or its equivalent

Nama Center cooperated with many partners who contributed to the success of the program, starting with the Civil Service Department and the Governmental Development Office, which will link the center with young job seekers and involve them in the program, and finally with “Bayt.com” and “Tomooh for Development” who will conduct the training and logistical support for program affiliates.

Nama Center invites those wishing to participate in the program to visit the Nama Center website www.nama.qa

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