DFI Opens Registration for Judges at Ajyal Film Festival 2022

  • Publish date: Monday، 08 August 2022
DFI Opens Registration for Judges at Ajyal Film Festival 2022

The Doha Film Institute has announced the opening of registration for participation in the judging committees of the tenth session of the Ajyal Film Festival, which will take place from 1 to 8 October 2022, and includes many events and activities, whether physical or online.

The special edition of the festival comes as an appreciation from the Doha Film Institute for Qatar in the distinguished year in which it hosts the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and will provide the opportunity to participate in dialogues, workshops, and educational seminars in an innovative style that contributes to increasing the participation rate and a rich experience for young referees and youth, as well as Guests from the cinema sector.

The Ajyal 2022 judges’ program is a major part of the activities of the special edition of the festival, which includes an expanded program in two parts, dedicating the first section to the judges in October, while the second section includes events and performances for the public, and runs from November 22 to December 16, 2022, coinciding with the establishment of the expected global sporting event hosted by Qatar.

The Doha Film Institute clarified that young judges from 8 to 25 years old can register to participate in the Ajyal Rulers Experience, which welcomes more than 500 judges each year with the aim of experiencing this valuable cultural experience and exploring the world of cinema through film screenings, workshops, and various discussion sessions.

The experience of the rulers of Ajyal is divided into three age groups, which provide a fun environment full of cooperation with the aim of enabling them to express their creative opinions, and to explore the world of cinema from an entertainment point of view, considering cinema as a means to achieve positive social change.

Ms. Fatima Hassan Al-Rumaihi, CEO of the Doha Film Institute, said: “The Ajyal Rulers Experience is a unique cultural initiative that brings together young people from all over the world for a whole week, to celebrate films that enhance their understanding of the world and help them build their personal and professional skills.”

Al-Rumaihi added: “This year, we celebrate the special tenth edition in conjunction with the exceptional global event hosted by Qatar, and we look forward to welcoming more than 500 judges who come together in cultural activities, instilling in them a sense of empowerment and strength to build a brighter future, and bringing them together within the framework of Solidarity world.

The Doha Film Institute has allocated an electronic link to register for the Ajyal Judges Program, which will be available from August 4 to September 21, which is: https://www.dohafilminstitute.com/filmfestival/ajyaljury

It is worth noting, that in the last edition, more than 500 judges from 45 nationalities participated in the last edition, who had the opportunity to participate in special workshops, watch daily film screenings, discussion sessions, and Ajyal dialogue sessions, in addition to communicating with international filmmakers, in addition to a range of activities and events that inspire creative interaction and stimulate cinematic dialogue.

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