Fierce Competitions in "Shell" Ramadan Championship in Sealine

  • Publish date: Friday، 22 April 2022
Fierce Competitions in "Shell" Ramadan Championship in Sealine

Last Friday, Mawater Center organized the "Mawter Shell Ramadan Championship" at Sealine Club Circuit, with the participation of 16 amateurs from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, in the presence of a large crowd.

Participants from Qatar won first place, while participants from the UAE came in second and third.

A number of amateurs interviewed by Al Sharq newspaper confirmed that this first tournament held in the holy month attracted them to unload their energies and practice their hobbies in a suitable place where all security measures are available to ensure their safety throughout the period of their participation. In the tournaments organized by the Mawater Center in cooperation with the Department of Natural Reserves and in the presence of the Civil Defense and ambulance services.

Nasser Salem, one of the officials in charge of the Sealine Circuit, confirmed that the Shell Mawater Ramadan Championship is the first of its kind to be held in the Circuit, and will not be the last, pointing out that there are surprises for the contestants and amateurs at the end of the Ramadan round at the Sealine Circuit.

Regarding the conditions that must be met to enter and participate in the circuit’s championships, Al-Salem explained that the amateurs are tested and their ability to practice any kind of competitions held at the Sealine Circuit, Where the circuit was opened for two whole weeks for the amateurs to train and test their capabilities, with the participation of 20 amateurs and 16 contestants were selected from them and excluded the others.

He added, the establishment of this championship came for several goals, including, containing young people and attracting them to practice their hobbies in the Sealine Circuit, where all security and safety measures are available, In addition to limiting the practice of these races on the roads and in public places.

Khaled Al-Omari, one of the participants from the State of Qatar, pointed out that holding tournaments, whether in Ramadan or the rest of the year, contributes to containing young people and discovering talents that can be refined and developed, and the tendency to participate in Gulf and foreign tournaments to represent the country's name.

Al-Omari praised the activities of the Mawater Center and all the activities it offers to young people and its distinguished organization, hoping that the number of events will be increased in the future.

Khaled Al-Morbati said that holding tournaments in the Circuit is more fun than anywhere else, as it was held in the midst of the large crowd, which reflects a distinctive atmosphere full of fun and excitement, wishing to open the circuit constantly to the amateurs.

As for Saif Al Dhaheri, a participant from the UAE, he said: "I am participating for the first time in this tournament, and I thank all those in charge of it for the wonderful organization and for providing the opportunity for competitors from the UAE to participate and experience this challenge with the champions and amateurs of Qatar."

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