Qatari Majlis on Eid: Authentic Customs and Traditions

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 12 July 2022
Qatari Majlis on Eid: Authentic Customs and Traditions

With the end of the Eid prayer, the worshipers meet in the courtyards of the mosques to provide congratulations and shake hands with each other to celebrate the blessed Eid Al-Adha in an atmosphere of joy and pleasure on this happy occasion.

Citizens are keen to open their majlis after prayer to receive well-wishers, so that the manifestations of celebration and compassion gather through mutual visits, and to root and revive old customs that maintain cohesion between members of society and communicate with each other on occasions and holidays, in scenes that reflect the social cohesion of the Qatari people of all categories, who keen to visit the Majlis to provide congratulations on the advent of Eid.

On the first day of Eid, the Qatari majlis witnessed the presence and visit of many citizens among themselves to provide congratulations on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, while adhering to precautionary measures, as some committed to congratulating and greetings from a distance without touching, and some were satisfied with shaking hands, in compliance with the procedures after the high number of cases of infection in the country.

Citizens called for the necessity of adhering to the precautionary measures set by the state to address the new wave of Corona, stressing that they felt the adherence and commitment of all to the precautionary measures within the Qatari Majlis.

Jaber Al-Marri (the owner of one of the Majles) said that for years he used to visit majlis during the days of Eid, to provide congratulations, pointing out that he feels overjoyed when people gather in his majlis or majlis of others, noting that his parents and grandparents used to open their majlis on  Eid occasions, to renew social relations between individuals, especially since the current time, many people are preoccupied with communicating with relatives and friends, and there is no better occasion than Eid to renew the bonds of brotherhood and love among everyone.

He added that the Qatari Majlis witnessed a great turnout yesterday to exchange congratulations between the people of Qatar who used to visit on the morning of Eid to congratulate each other on this occasion, and in compliance with the precautionary measures established by the state that came at the right time, especially with the increasing number of daily cases of coronavirus infection. The Eid was completely different, as the muzzle was worn again to cover the faces of many in public places and in Qatari majlis as well, and congratulations in some majlis were limited to exchanging greetings from a distance.

Muhammad Diab (the owner of one of the majlis), said that he used to receive citizens in his majlis and visit another majlis on the first day of Eid, especially his family, where he feels overjoyed when they meet on Eid, and he added that the Eid majlis has a special joy, despite the habit of constant hesitation to the majlis at all times of the year, but the Majlis on occasions have a special character that suits the occasion, so the young before the adults are keen to participate in the councils to enjoy the atmosphere of Eid among those they love from family, friends, and neighbors.

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