4.8M People Worldwide Benefited From Qatar Charity's Ramadan Campaign

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 25 April 2023
4.8M People Worldwide Benefited From Qatar Charity's Ramadan Campaign

According to Qatar Charity, approximately five million people have benefited from the Ramadan campaign, named ‘Ramadan: Leave Your Mark' campaign.

Through its field offices and local partners, the Ramadan campaign, which was introduced during the holy month in 40 countries across the world, reported that its impact reached 4,823,813 people worldwide.

Philanthropists have generously supported several relief initiatives, including those related to housing, education and culture, economic empowerment, water and sanitation, mosques, sponsorships, and health.

The statistics from this year are remarkable. The organization intended to aid 1.9 million people. However, as a result of the generous donations made all during the month, the amount donated more than doubled to the initial aim set by the organization. 

Recent statistics reveal that through water and sanitation measures, the campaign satisfied the thirst of 1,423,073 people and served iftar to 1,418,102 fasting Muslims.

In addition, it helped 928,802 people with relief efforts and enabled 14,050 people to pray in mosques. Furthermore, due to numerous donations, Qatar Charity was able to sponsor 5,944 individuals, give social housing to 1,392 families, and assist 95,451 individuals in obtaining better educational and cultural opportunities. 

The initiative also enhanced the quality of life for 16,834 families via economic empowerment while providing 920,165 people aid for their health and wellbeing through charity donations.

The campaign not only eases current issues via its initiatives but also contributes to the creation of long-term improvements that will reduce some of the sufferings of the next generations. 

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