Qatar Charity Launches QAR40 Million Aid Campaign for Gaza

'Labbeh Gaza' Campaign Aims to Provide Essential Aid to 550,000 People in Gaza

  • Publish date: since 4 days
Qatar Charity Launches QAR40 Million Aid Campaign for Gaza

Qatar Charity (QC) has announced the launch of its ‘Labbeh Gaza’ campaign, aiming to deliver vital aid to the people of Gaza. The campaign, which seeks to raise QAR40 million, focuses on providing essentials to approximately 550,000 individuals in the Gaza Strip.

The ‘Labbeh Gaza’ initiative targets four key areas of aid: food, health, shelter, and education.

In the food sector, the campaign will distribute food packages and ready-to-eat meals. Shelter assistance will include tents, caravans, home renovations, and new housing units. Health aid will provide medical supplies, medicines, and support for hospitals, including renovations. Education support involves building and renovating schools and universities and offering scholarships.

Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo, CEO’s Assistant for Resources Development and Media at Qatar Charity, emphasized the campaign’s dedication to the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah, a period considered ideal for good deeds. “The campaign was launched due to the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza, which is further exacerbated by the acute shortage of basic necessities. I urge Qatar’s generous population, who always aid the needy, to continue supporting the people of Gaza. Your support will help meet Gazans’ essential needs and alleviate their suffering,” Fakhroo stated.

Qatar Charity is facilitating donations through its website, app, and various digital tools. Additionally, QC offers home collection services through its app, where donors can request a staff member to visit their location for donation collection. Donors can also reach the call center at +974-44920000 or donate at collection points in commercial complexes and QC branches across the country.

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