A look at the Qatar Automobile Museum project

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 12 April 2022
A look at the Qatar Automobile Museum project

This exhibition provides its visitors with a glimpse into the new museum project that will bring car enthusiasts in Qatar under one roof and for one goal.

The exhibition "A Look at the Qatar Automobile Museum Project" comes to announce the initial designs of the Qatar Automobile Museum project, which aims to employ the common interests of love for cars to support a culture of innovation, design, sustainability, and traffic safety, and to inspire the next generation of innovators, designers, engineers, collectors, and decision-makers.

The exhibition was inaugurated on March 29 and included three cars ranked on top of the list of rare and exclusive cars in the world, it will be shown in Mawater Hall until January 20, 2023.

The museum will discuss the past, present, and future of cars and their impact on life and culture in Qatar, and the world around it, and how the history of cars in Qatar relates to the story of the development and renaissance of the country, and how the car itself constitutes a bridge linking diverse peoples and cultures, and a symbol of the interdependence of engineering and technical disciplines. Qataris pay great attention to acquiring old cars, as they consider them part of their heritage, and seek to preserve them and pass them on to future generations.

This passion goes back to the arrival of the first shipments of cars to the State of Qatar in the mid-fifties of the last century. At that time, cars were imported and acquired with the aim of facilitating the activities of daily life for some

Then the excitement generated by the new car experience turned into a passion for collecting them. People are collecting cars for a variety of reasons, including documenting and preserving defining moments in the country's social history, evoking nostalgia, and creating an exclusive collection of classic cars. It is worth noting that this project comes in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the efforts made by the state to develop the cultural, educational, and tourism sectors.

A look at the Qatar Automobile Museum project

It will be a strategic addition to Qatar's investments in the automotive industry, its partnership with the Geneva International Motor Show, and its hosting of the Formula 1 World Championship.

The exhibition will discuss design concepts and innovation in materials used in the automotive industry. Cars have been made of steel for more than 100 years, as the most practical and safe material for everyday use. However, some have criticized the shortcomings of steel, turning to concepts of designing and manufacturing cars from materials that are considered very Innovative, even if impractical

Qatar Tourism has signed an agreement with Qatar Museums stipulating that Qatar Tourism will grant the Doha Exhibition Center for a period of 10 years to establish the Qatar Automobile Museum, to become home to one of the newest museums established by the state, as part of its efforts to develop unique tourist and cultural areas.

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