Qatar Tourism Unveils The Guidebook Qatar Now

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 19 July 2023
Qatar Tourism Unveils The Guidebook Qatar Now

The third edition of Qatar Tourism's guidebook, Qatar Now, has been published.

 It is a comprehensive country guide that is published every two years with the goal of improving the visitor experience, encouraging discovery, and deepening understanding of Qatar as a travel destination.

In the latest edition, there are two sides, each of which focuses on a different part of Qatar. On one side, readers will go on an engrossing tour of the nation's revered customs, learning about Qatar's rich cultural heritage and fun ways to engage with it.

The handbook, on the other side, delves into the cutting-edge technology, ambitious projects, and people who are defining Qatar's modern landscape.

The two sides are titled, ‘Vibrant Tradition’ and ‘Modern Vision.’

Berthold Trenkel, Chief Operating Officer of Qatar Tourism, said: “Our Qatar Now guidebook captures the depth of Qatar’s cultural identity and latest tourism offering for travellers from across the globe. This edition of the guidebook is designed to encapsulate the unique duality of Qatar’s tradition and modern vision. With this edition, we aim to showcase the richness of the country’s cultural heritage while highlighting the innovative strides that it makes towards the future.”

The Qatar Now guidebook's third edition includes a selection of captivating tales from well-known local authors, providing a close-up look at the lives and experiences of Qataris who have made important contributions to the country's artistic and cultural scene.

Famous individuals include Khalifa Saleh Haroon, Mubarak Al Malik, and Nasser Saleh Al Attiyah, who serves as the brand ambassador for Qatar Tourism and has permanently impacted the country's creative landscape. 

Families with children from all over the world can also find inspiration in the guidebook, which includes a section by young people from Qatar who discuss the most enjoyable activities to partake in there, including theme parks, interactive museums, and gourmet snacks. 

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