Qatar-Saudi Arabia's Abu Samra Border To be Fully Electronic

  • Publish date: Sunday، 07 May 2023
Qatar-Saudi Arabia's Abu Samra Border To be Fully Electronic
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The General Authority of Customs has initiated a project to fully digitize the Abu Samra border crossing, eliminating manual processes and transitioning to a fully electronic system.

According to a high-ranking official who spoke to Qatar Radio, Qatar is set to implement a complete digital transformation of its land border crossing with Saudi Arabia. The initiative aims to replace traditional procedures with advanced electronic systems at the border.

“We are working on having the entry port become 100% electronic. But we are starting step by step to link with the Saudi side, the electronic aspect, and insurance,” Al Jaber said.

The General Authority of Customs (GAC) is actively engaged in discussions with its Saudi counterparts to establish a communication channel for the exchange of vehicle information during the entry and exit of GCC visitors at the Abu Samra border checkpoint. The Abu Samra crossing serves as a popular entry and exit point for travelers driving across the GCC region.

“When we register the data for a GCC vehicle, it would immediately transfer to the insurance quickly, which would allow for more fluid movement,” he added.

In recent news, Qatar authorities reported that over the Eid period, the Abu Samra border witnessed a significant influx of travelers, with more than 376,500 passengers crossing the checkpoint.