Number of Visitors from GCC Increased by 1,213.8% Since 2021

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 July 2022
Number of Visitors from GCC Increased by 1,213.8% Since 2021

Due to the region's strong vaccination rates and the global removal of pandemic-related travel restrictions, travel has increased. Travelers from the GCC and other Arab countries, who surged 12-fold, were mostly responsible for the sharp rise in tourists coming to Qatar in May.

According to data issued by Qatar's Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA), the country has attracted tourists from all over the world, with GCC visitors making up a total of 54% of all arrivals.

The overall statistics reveal that 166,090 visitors arrived in May 2022 as opposed to just 17,140 in the same month last year, an increase of 869 percent year over year and a monthly rise of 69.7 percent.

From 6,874 visits from the GCC in May 2021 to 90,309 in May 2022, there was an increase of 1,213.8 percent. From the GCC alone, there were 30,258 visitors in April of this year.

9,802 tourists from the surrounding nations visited Qatar in May 2022 as opposed to just 747 in May 2021, a growth of 1,212.2 percent annually and 10% monthly, while 6% of all visitor arrivals were tourists from other Arab countries.

According to the study, Asia accounted for 18% of all visits, with 29,824 visitors in May 2018 compared to 7,156 in the same month last year, an increase of 318%.

2,177 people from other African countries came to Qatar in May 2022, whereas 25,294 more Europeans came than in the same month in 2021 (1,742 more).

Residents of the area accounted for 15% of all visitors in May 2022, and 8,684 visitors, as opposed to 363 at the same time last year, arrived from the Americas.

More people entering over the land border

81,426 people arrived by land, 10,100 people arrived by sea, and 74,744 people arrived by air, showing how the opening of the land borders has significantly impacted those statistics.

Due to the high vaccination rates in the area and the global removal of pandemic-related restrictions, travel has also increased.

During the most recent Eid al-Fitr celebrations, according to the General Authority of Customs, 62,628 vehicles entered and exited Qatar via the Abu Samra border.

Recently, Qatar Tourism began publishing a monthly listing of events and activities on qatarcalendar.com. The calendar is slated to be an easily available resource that may help tourists make the most of their time in Qatar, serving as a helpful reference for both locals and guests. Visitors can anticipate the next edition of the calendar to highlight special festive celebrations and summer events and activities. The summer season is currently in full swing, and the Eid Al Adha holidays will soon be here.

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