The Pearl Townhouse is a 5-Star Residential Level

  • Publish date: Thursday، 12 May 2022
The Pearl Townhouse is a 5-Star Residential Level

Mr. Fahad Khaled Al-Ghunaim, Chairman and CEO of First Qatar Real Estate Development Company, announced the launch of 51 residential units within the "Pearl Townhouse" project, including duplex units starting from two bedrooms to three bedrooms with an additional room, including interior designs, Gorgeous, fully furnished units complemented by a five-star hotel service

In an interview with Al-Sharq newspaper, Mr. Fahad Al-Ghunaim added that the owners of the housing units within the project will enjoy unprecedented advantages and levels of luxury, as they can enjoy all the integrated hotel services provided by the Hilton Doha Hotel at The Pearl.

The Pearl Townhouse is a 5-Star Residential Level

The units are divided into two parts A and B. The first section overlooks a 4,500-meter-long beach directly, which is also the hotel's private beach, and the second overlooks the Cartier Canal in The Pearl.

He also added that the company guarantees its customers the highest level of quality, by providing the best level of luxury, starting with the magnificent view of two direct sea fronts, passing through equipping the unit with modern and comfortable interior designs of the highest standards in modern luxury living, world-class furnishings, and a smart system for operating electrical and electronic devices inside the unit. And ensuring complete privacy for each unit, in addition to providing multiple payment methods and installments, with the possibility of renting the residential unit to the customer after purchasing it to invest in it and benefit from its returns.

Al-Ghunaim explained that the units have already been put up for sale, and the turnout so far is very good, as 12 housing units have been sold, and we expect to finish selling all units before the 2022 World Cup in Doha.

Prices range between 25 and 27 thousand riyals per meter, and the price difference depends on the location of the unit and the view

Al-Ghunaim stressed that the construction, operation, and establishment of all units have already been completed and are ready to be received immediately. As for the payment methods, the company was keen to provide easy and multiple methods of payment and installments. We also offer the customer, upon purchase, to rent the dental unit to him to get an immediate return on his investment, and we also cooperate with many banks to help customers finance and purchase in many ways.

Regarding the company’s future projects, Al-Ghunaim added that Qatar has a real estate market full of future investment opportunities, so we plan, in First Qatar Real Estate Development Company, to launch a project directed to young people with medium incomes, which is residential villas on an area of 400 square meters

It is worth mentioning that the First Qatar Real Estate Development Company was established in 2005, with a capital of 630 million riyals. From that time on, it began to expand in the Qatari market steadily, and until now it has become one of the most professional and experienced companies in this field.