Qatar Mandates Health Insurance Policy for Gulf Region Travelers

  • Publish date: Monday، 06 March 2023
Qatar Mandates Health Insurance Policy for Gulf Region Travelers

Qatar is now mandating a health insurance system for travelers from the Gulf region before entering the country through the Abu Samra Border.

"GCC residents and companions of GCC Citizens visiting #Qatar through the Abu Samra border crossing should obtain a health insurance policy for visitors electronically before arriving at the border through this link," Qatar's Ministry of Interior said in a tweet.

The ministry also urged travelers to obtain their vehicle insurance online to reduce waiting time and expedite entry procedures.

GCC citizens had been exempt from the mandatory health insurance policy when the first phase of the scheme was rolled out on February 1st.

This decision stipulates that all people applying for a visit visa to Qatar must be covered by a health insurance policy issued by health insurance companies registered with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) prior to the visit.

You can check the list of insurance companies registered with the ministry from here.  

The insurance policy for visitors will be with a premium of QAR 50 ($13.73) per month at the initial issuance and upon extension of the visa. It will cover accident and emergency-related services only.

However, visitors can also obtain an insurance policy that covers additional services, with a premium that varies depending on the prices of the insurance companies. 

Image source: @MOI_QatarEn Twitter account.