Over Seven Million Players Explore Virtual Qatar on Roblox

Qatar Adventure on Roblox has attracted over seven million players who got to explore Qatari culture in the metaverse.

  • Publish date: Saturday، 16 March 2024
Over Seven Million Players Explore Virtual Qatar on Roblox

Discover the digital realm of Qatar Adventure, where over seven million players embarked on a journey through Qatari culture and landmarks on Roblox.

Qatar Adventure immerses players in a virtual world featuring Qatari cultural activities and iconic landmarks. Explore the rich heritage of Qatar through interactive experiences.

Developed through a partnership between Qatar's International Media Office's 'Q Life platform' and Century Games, Qatar Adventure offers an innovative metaverse experience blending education and entertainment.

Engage with Qatari culture by donning traditional clothing from the virtual store, with over 720,000 visits. Explore the virtual museum to learn about Qatar's rich history, attracting more than 441,000 clicks.

Visit landmarks like the Lusail Stadium, attracting 3.7 million visits, and experience activities like pearl diving and swimming with whale sharks, with 5.6 million participants. Explore the Katara Towers hotels with over 10 million visits.

A survey revealed that 82.5% of players enjoyed Qatar Adventure, with 78.5% learning something new about Qatar. Additionally, 86.8% expressed interest in visiting Qatar and experiencing its tourist attractions firsthand.

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