Qatar Airways to Launch Virtual Metaverse Platform for Non-Stop Flight

  • Publish date: Thursday، 16 June 2022
Qatar Airways to Launch Virtual Metaverse Platform for Non-Stop Flight

The metaverse world is a fictitious version of the internet that functions as a single, ubiquitous, and immersive virtual environment.

Qatar Airways is trying to expand its QVerse metaverse platform with new features.

Through the unique virtual reality platform, the Gulf carrier wants to provide non-fungible tokens (NFT), ticket purchases, and more areas to explore.

Qatar Airways revealed in late April that users can use QVerse to virtually tour and navigate the Premium Visit area at Hamad International Airport, as well as the cabin interiors of the airline's airplane, including the award-winning Business Class Qsuite and Economy Category seats.

"With the metaverse challenging physical barriers on a greater scale, it's exciting to embrace a technology that allows all travelers to have a uniquely enjoyable experience of our award-winning products and services," said Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker.

The airline allegedly stated that QVerse might be accessed through other metaverse platforms in the future and that it hopes to make the experience sociable and accessible through the Oculus Quest VR platform.

Rather than investing in Decentraland or Sandbox, we [Qatar Airways] are concentrating on building our own metaverse. However, we do not rule out the possibility of this approach. We're still figuring out how to expand this area and carefully include NFTs into QVerse."

At the 'carbon-neutral' World Cup, Qatar Airways defends 160 additional daily flights

The World Cup in Qatar will be the first-ever climate-neutral event in history, meaning that the event's carbon footprint will be offset by green measures funded by the Qatari government. A "Global Carbon Council" has been established by the organizers to "identify worthy projects."

According to reports, Qatar Airways plans to incorporate the purchase of tangible travel tickets as well as the selection of seats on real planes into its virtual reality platform.

"We feel that the future is virtual," the Qatari corporation stated. According to Qatar Airways' words to the Cointelegraph, "the metaverse will empower human beings, extend their horizons, and break their restrictions by questioning the most basic procedures that were once limitations."

The Unreal Engine, which is regarded as one of the most advanced 3D creative tools, was used to build QVerse.

The industry of the metaverse

Although Qatar Airways was the first airline to join the metaverse trend, the US Air Force filed a trademark application in April for the term SpaceVerse to be used in metaverse-related products and services.

Separately, according to P&S Intelligence, market research and consulting services firm, the metaverse industry has been rapidly growing and is predicted to cross $1.5 trillion by 2030.

Many businesses, such as Facebook, have made it their aim to get involved in the metaverse.

Facebook has completed its rebranding to Meta, indicating that it is moving closer to being a full metaverse firm.

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