Manual VAR Technology: Latest Fad of 2022 World Cup Fans

  • Publish date: Monday، 28 November 2022
Manual VAR Technology: Latest Fad of 2022 World Cup Fans

A Qatari fan caught the attention of the 2022 World Cup followers on the Internet, after a funny video of him spread.

Where a video spread on the social networking site "Tik Tok" of a Qatari fan attending the Brazil-Serbia match in Group G competitions at Lusail Stadium.

It seems that the Qatari fan decided to make his own video assistant referee technique, with very simple tools.

The video showed the fan using his personal phone camera and magnifying glasses, adjusting the clarity of the glasses, and then adjusting the camera lens on the display screen of the glasses so that he could see the scenes in the stadium closely.

The funny video was described as "It is the real VAR ", and it was watched by more than 24 million followers on the "Tik Tok" platform.

Some people commented on social networking sites mocking the techniques of the Qatari fan, as they advised him to buy one of the modern mobile phones from the "Samsung" brand, which can enlarge the image more than 100 times very clearly instead of using magnifying glasses.

It is noteworthy that the International Federation of Football Associations adopts VAR technology in the World Cup for the second edition in a row, with many updates in the current edition in Qatar with regard to semi-automatically identifying offside cases.

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