Discover the Best Fish Restaurants in Qatar

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 01 June 2022
Discover the Best Fish Restaurants in Qatar

Seafood restaurants are widespread in Qatar because Qatar is a peninsula surrounded by the shores of the Arabian Gulf from all sides, in addition to importing all kinds and the most luxurious fish from around the world. Qatar also has the best chefs from the West and East, and this invites us to take a tour around the best fish restaurants in Qatar, according to the opinions and evaluations of citizens and residents in Qatar.

Al Hout Seafood Restaurant

Discover the Best Fish Restaurants in Qatar

This restaurant has been rated 4 out of 455 reviews by Talabat App users.

Address: Al-Mirqab Al-Jadeed - Al-Nasr Street

Phone Number: +974 4432 1302

Gulf Fish Restaurant

Discover the Best Fish Restaurants in Qatar

Gulf Fish Restaurant is one of the oldest and most prestigious fish restaurants in the State of Qatar, founded in 1982, the restaurant serves the most delicious fresh seafood

Address of Gulf Fish Restaurant: Abu Hamour - Doha - Qatar.

Phone number: +974 444 11323 - +974 444 860852

Email: [email protected]

The restaurant's official page on Facebook: facebook.com/GulfFishQatar

The restaurant's official Twitter page: twitter.com/gulffishqatar1

The restaurant's official Instagram page: instagram.com/gulffishqatar

Little Sailor restaurant

The Little Sailor Seafood Restaurant is located in the heart of the Qatari city of Doha. It is an authentic Egyptian restaurant specializing in the world of fresh seafood that is caught daily from the Gulf Sea and then begins to prepare and present in distinctive ways and unique flavors.

Little sailor Restaurant Qatar address: C-Ring Road, Doha, Qatar

Little sailor Restaurant Qatar number: +97444440897

Little sailor Restaurant B-Ring Road Branch, Doha, Qatar

B-Ring Road Branch No., Doha, Qatar: +974 4442 0208

Bin Omran branch number: +974 4411 2201

Al Sayyad Restaurant

Discover the Best Fish Restaurants in Qatar

Al Sayyad Restaurant in Doha offers a wide variety of dishes from international, Mediterranean, Arabic, and seafood, and is characterized by its modern and contemporary design, in addition to its outdoor seating overlooking the Gulf. If you are in Doha, you must visit it with your family.

One of the best fish restaurants in Qatar is Al Sayyad Restaurant. It is a beautiful place to have lunch and shisha, and to relax in the afternoon.

Address of Al Sayyad Restaurant in Qatar: Istiklal Street, Doha, Qatar

Al Sayyad Restaurant number in Qatar: +974 4487 7357

Restaurant working hours: from 10 am to 12 am.

Al Naham Restaurant

Discover the Best Fish Restaurants in Qatar

Al Naham is one of the best fish restaurants in Qatar, the restaurant serves excellent Lebanese food, It is located on Banana Island in Doha. It offers a great dining experience. The service is excellent, and the atmosphere is perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends, as it has an outside terrace with beautiful views of the Gulf.

Al Naham Restaurant Address: Banana Island, Qatar

Al Naham Restaurant number in Qatar: +974 4040 5075

Restaurant working hours: from 1 pm until 11.30 pm.

In addition to the following restaurants:

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