Everything About Al Mamlaha Ladies Beach

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 September 2022
Everything About Al Mamlaha Ladies Beach

Al Mamlaha Ladies Beach, a women-only beach, is located on Qatar's northern coast. Don't you think it would be ideal to have a place with calm blue waters, white sands, and room to let loose?

What to expect

Everything About Al Mamlaha Ladies Beach

A one-sided wall and barbed wire fence are used to completely enclose the beach.

You will find a brick walkway once you pass through the main gate, making it much easier to go across the expansive beach area than it would be to trample through the soft sand.

Everything About Al Mamlaha Ladies Beach

Chalets are positioned permanently to provide shade and additional beach seclusion. Additionally, there are lampposts right outside and they have solar-powered lights.

Benches, a wooden table, and a designated trash can are provided in each chalet to make sure everything is accessible.

Along the beach, in addition to the chalets, there are additional seats and tables, as well as other miniature tables constructed of tires.

Instagrammable place

Everything About Al Mamlaha Ladies Beach

Although the entire beach is calm and stunningly magnificent, you should pay attention to the area along the wall that surrounds it.

You can relax by the shallow lagoon waters as they wash against the rock formations and brick remnants, take pictures, or simply enjoy the scenery.

If you're fortunate, you might be able to see seagulls walking by!

What should you take with you?

While bringing your own picnic tables and chairs won't be necessary, you should bring toilet paper and hand soap because these items weren't accessible in the restrooms when we came to visit.

Since there are no nearby stores or groceries, be sure to include other requirements like snacks, water, and barbeque essentials like charcoal.

  • Only women and kids under 10 are allowed on the beach.
  • Vehicles must be parked outside the barrier as they are not allowed within.
  • Waste must be disposed of in the proper locations. No littering, please. Qatar should be kept tidy.
  • Only in authorized places is barbecue permitted.
  • There are no entrance fees and no payment to use the beach.

Please be aware that the following information was written with the Doha to Al Shamal route with the Al Shamal motorway in mind.

Driving time from Doha to Al Mamlaha Ladies Beach is roughly one hour and thirty minutes.

The route is simple; keep driving until you reach the Al Ghariya exit on the motorway. Following this, signs identifying the beach will be seen throughout the route.

After leaving the highway, you must keep going until you reach the first roundabout, where you must turn left.

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