Ashghal to Start Building Marina for Tourist Boats on Corniche

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 12 July 2022
Ashghal to Start Building Marina for Tourist Boats on Corniche

The Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in the country announced the start of the implementation of the project to build a marina for tourist boats on the Corniche in three locations, the first near the Al-Bidda pedestrian tunnel, the second near the Al-Dafna pedestrian tunnel and the third near the Sheraton Park, in cooperation with Qatar Tourism and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change The Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Municipality and the Private Engineering Office.

Engineer Sarah Kafud, Vice-Chairman of the Supervising Committee for the Beautification of Roads and Public Places in the country, said: The marina of tourist boats contributes to highlighting the ingredients of the Corniche area on the tourist and recreational map, especially in light of the increase in the number of visitors witnessed by the country in preparation for the organization of the 2022 World Cup. It also enhances an investment in infrastructure in the region and plays a role in developing it as a high-end tourist marine destination.

She added, according to a statement on Ashghal’s website: “These boats are one of the cultural and heritage facades of the country, and this project will contribute to regulating their movement as they are located in the most vital and popular sites, and visitors will be able to have an exceptional experience and discover Al Doha through the waterfront and learn about a part of Qatar's heritage and culture, in addition to contributing to the advancement of the Qatari economy and tourism.

In turn, Maryam Al Kuwari, Project Design Manager, said: The project contributes to providing and preparing modern facilities with high standards and specifications that meet the needs of boat owners, taking into account the highest standards of quality and safety when implementing, which contributes to achieving environmental development.

She added: The second and third sites include a sewage network and a low-voltage electricity network, and the third site also includes a drinking water network, The marinas provide parking for tourist boats, which were designed in a simplified way based on the unification and consistency of the materials used in them with the yards of the Corniche tunnels, where sustainable materials were used that withstand climatic conditions, whether in water or on land, and a unified design was adopted in all three marinas, taking into account Considering the possibility of expanding the berths and increasing the number of parking spots in each berth in the future.

She continued: The project contributes to facilitating the process of passengers boarding the boats, as appropriate and safe corridors were provided for use by all age groups, taking into account people with special needs, as an alternative to the random lanes that are currently used which distort the general view of the Corniche.

It is worth noting that "Ashghal" works in coordination with several ministries and government agencies in the country, And Its vision is to create a balance between man and the environment and to change the car-dominated culture into a pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly society, and its mission is to provide public spaces and services that help foster a healthier lifestyle.

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