CRA Publishes the Cloud Policy Framework

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 08 June 2022
CRA Publishes the Cloud Policy Framework
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The Cloud Policy Framework, established by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), was authorized and published on the website during the Cabinet's regular meeting on June 1, 2022.

CRA Publishes the Cloud Policy Framework

The Cloud Policy Framework is about:

The Cloud Policy Framework defines a complete set of policy and regulatory recommendations to stakeholders from the public and private sectors that are aligned with international laws and best practices and provides trusted access principles for all stakeholders in the cloud value chain.

What is the Framework's purpose?

This Framework creates a cloud-friendly and secure environment that encourages international and local investment in data centers and cloud services while also ensuring that data security, privacy, transparency, digital inclusion, and security are available to both businesses and consumers.

What impact does this have on Qatari investment?

This cloud computing framework has been integrated into Qatar's digital transformation strategy, making it easier for Qatar-based enterprises to expand by increasing productivity and efficiency. Public and private institutions will be able to provide better services as a result of this deployment, resulting in Qatar being a fully digitalized country that benefits customers, stakeholders, and the national economy.

Qatar's positioning as a digital hub

With the Cabinet's approval, CRA will be able to support Qatar's objective to become a sought-after destination for global and domestic investments in innovative digital services, allowing it to cement its position as the world's leading digital hub. The Framework has played a significant role in contributing to this decision.

Qatar will be able to develop a sustainable and high-quality infrastructure that supports the national economy and is capable of keeping up with the latest smart technologies, creating a balance between an oil-based and a knowledge-based economy, and diversifying the country's economy, according to the Qatar National Second Development Strategy 2018-2022.

CRA Publishes the Cloud Policy Framework

The Cloud Policy Framework was originally released as a draft by CRA, with the objective of providing interested stakeholders with an opportunity to provide feedback. Before adopting the Framework, the CRA is intended to interact with business and public sector stakeholders to begin implementing the suggestions.

The Cloud Policy Framework enables Qatar's ambition to create itself as a major regional digital hub, a home for international digital players, and an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investments in innovative digital services, and the CRA is appreciative for the Cabinet's approval and support.

The CRA Qatar's cloud-focused framework has more information about data classification, data localization, cross-border access, and service level agreements (SLAs), among other things.

In general, cloud is a well-known facilitator for a variety of use cases, including AI, IoT, and 5G private networks. Businesses were reportedly able to get a net return of 100-250 percent on their cloud services investments.