Precautionary Measures Taken Again in Qatar to Confront COVID-19

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 July 2022
Precautionary Measures Taken Again in Qatar to Confront COVID-19

Dr. Mona Al-Maslamani, Medical Director of the Communicable Diseases Center - Hamad Medical Corporation, confirmed that Qatar and the countries of the world have witnessed during the past weeks and so far an increase in cases of coronavirus infections, due to the fact that people returning from travel may be infected with the virus and do not show symptoms, and based on the of statistics In Qatar, cases will continue to increase in the coming weeks.

Dr. stressed. Al-Maslamani stressed that there are preventive measures and precautionary measures that a person must follow before traveling and during travel, people must review the travel policy in the countries they are going to, including vaccinations, examinations, and precautionary restrictions imposed in those countries, and precautionary measures must be adhered to prevent coronavirus

As confirmed by Dr. Al-Maslamani: It is necessary to avoid crowded places and wear a mask, especially in closed, crowded, and poorly ventilated places.

As Dr. Al-Maslamani indicated in an interview with Al-Rayyan TV, one of the most important precautionary measures is to take the vaccination and get the fourth dose 4 months after taking the third dose, adding that according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health, people over 50 years old and people with chronic diseases, regardless of age, should take The fourth dose, in order to ensure more protection from infection with corona during travel, as the dose gives them more immunity, in addition to the need to review the travel policy and return to the State of Qatar and the latest recommendations on the Ministry of Health website, noting that the fourth dose may not prevent infection with corona by a percentage. 100%, but it relieves severe symptoms in case of infection.

As for the return to the imposed restrictions, Dr. Al-Maslamani said that if everyone in society adhered to preventive measures and avoided crowded places, there would be no return to closures, imposed restrictions, and remote work.

The Council of Ministers, in its regular meeting held on Wednesday, July 6, chaired by His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, had decided to amend its decision issued at its regular meeting (19) for 2022 held on May 18, 2022, This is to oblige citizens, residents and visitors to wear masks in closed public places, provided that this decision will be implemented as of Thursday, 7/7 2022.

The Qatari Ministry of Public Health announced on its website that the number of people who received the vaccine in Qatar has reached 7,257,641.

And the number of people under medical examination reached 3,668431, while the number of new infections reached 637, and the active cases were 5,087.

The ministry also announced that the total number of injuries since the beginning of the epidemic until today is 386,528, while the total number of people recovered reached 380,771, while the total deaths so far reached 679 deaths.

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