Qatar May Witness Poor Horizontal Visibility in Some Areas

  • Publish date: Sunday، 27 August 2023
Qatar May Witness Poor Horizontal Visibility in Some Areas

Qatar's Department of Meteorology has issued a cautionary alert regarding weather conditions that could lead to poor horizontal visibility in certain locations in the Gulf country. 

Poor horizontal visibility is expected due to anticipated development of mist and fog in various places until 6pm on Sunday, the department added.

In the inshore region, the weather is expected to begin with misty to foggy conditions. This will gradually transition into hotter temperatures during the day, accompanied by sporadic cloud cover. 

Travelers are advised to exercise caution due to the potential for limited horizontal visibility because humidity levels are predicted to rise as night falls.

Moreover, a similar pattern is anticipated offshore. 

The department noted that visibility could be reduced to approximately 2 kilometers or even less in some areas initially, while generally ranging between 4 to 8 kilometers.

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