New windows to Market the Production of Productive families

During the opening of its latest showroom in Katara, Fatima Al-Nuaimi for Al-Raya: New windows to market the production of productive families

  • Publish date: Friday، 15 April 2022
New windows to Market the Production of Productive families

The Ministry of Social Development and the Family represented by the Department of Family Affairs, in cooperation with Katara Cultural Village, organized the Productive Families Exhibition, which is held in the southern region of Katara during the holy month of Ramadan and will continue until the fifth day of Eid Al-Fitr.

A number of productive families are participating in the exhibition distributed over 25 shops in the southern region, which includes a number of heritage houses and neighborhoods, during which various products for families are displayed and sold such as folk and traditional clothes, embroidery, abayas, perfumes, cosmetics, incense, baked goods, accessories, and handicrafts, in addition to traditional crafts. And other miscellaneous crafts.

The exhibition also presents various heritage activities such as folk games for children and presenting live cooking of Qatari folk foods, which are very popular with the public.

A number of participants in the productive families exhibition stressed the importance of the exhibition because it reflects Qatari culture and civilization and is concerned with heritage, as well as concerned with the productive family with the aim of empowering it economically.

Fatima Al-Nuaimi, Assistant Director of the Family Affairs Department at the Ministry of Social Development and Family, said: The exhibition aims to display the products of families who own home projects and comes within the framework of the Ministry's continuous efforts to open new windows to market the products of productive families.

Al-Nuaimi pointed out that the number of participants for this year is 25 home projects, from which productive families benefit to display and market their products, as part of the Ministry of Social Development and Family's endeavor to empower productive families economically.

For her part, a handicraft and handicraft development trainer and one of the participants in the exhibition about the “Al-Naqdah” craft, Nadia Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai, said that her participation aims to highlight this ancient craft that extends back more than 70 years, but is still used today by hand using needles and wicker.

The participant, Aisha Saad Al-Fahd, talked about her mother's project for Qatari folk food, saying that popular dishes such as majboos, harees, and porridge have value for Qatari citizens, and are still present and desired by many, whether from the State of Qatar or from outside.

For her part, Laila Ahmed Al Hammadi from the Family Affairs Department of the Training Department said that the department consists of a group of 5 trainers, each of whom works on training in a specific craft, whether handwork, sewing, crochet, beads, children's hats, crowns, and children's clothing. She pointed out that the demand for exhibitions is good and is improving year after year.

It is noteworthy that this event is held within the framework of keenness to achieve the ministry’s vision towards directing the efforts of institutions concerned with women and the family economically, encouraging them to be self-reliant, developing and implementing projects to support and develop productive families through training and providing assistance services, and providing areas for marketing the products of productive families programs.

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