All You Need to Know When Looking for A Job in Qatar

  • Publish date: Friday، 27 May 2022
All You Need to Know When Looking for A Job in Qatar

Despite the difficulties, there are numerous advantages to moving to a new nation. Moving overseas can be a terrific opportunity for exploring new experiences and learning about new cultures, as well as learning a new language and meeting new people.

Whatever your motivations for relocating to Qatar, there are a few things to bear in mind to help you remain on top of things and reduce the stress of the transition.


According to the global database Numbeo, Qatar is the safest and most crime-free country in the world. It has topped the crime index for more than five years. The little Gulf state ranked first in the worldwide database site's rankings, which measure crime rates and living costs in 133 countries.


Qatar is a traditional Muslim country with profound ties to its history and culture, despite its modernity. Expats are required to adhere to the country's traditions and standards, as well as to act and dress conservatively in public.

Pork products and alcohol drinking are strictly prohibited under Islamic law. The following advice and recommendations are provided by the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • Raise your hands to greet or welcome guests, especially the elderly.
  • When meeting a Qatari woman, men should avoid shaking hands until she extends her hand first.
  • When accepting drinks, use your right hand instead of your finger to signal others to come.
  • If you don't want any more coffee, shake the coffee cup.
  • Take no pictures of military sites or other persons without their permission, especially women.


While Arabic is the official language, English is widely spoken and used in most day-to-day transactions. Because of its extensive use, notably in the retail and hotel industries, expats in Qatar find it very simple to navigate day-to-day life.


Qatar's medical infrastructure is extremely well-developed, and healthcare standards are extremely high. Locals and expats can use both public and private facilities, which are both modern and conveniently accessible.

Hamad Medical Corporation, one of the top medical providers in the Middle East, is the principal provider of secondary and tertiary healthcare.

The PHCC, which has roughly 30 Health Centres across the country, provides primary health care. A Hamad Health Card must initially be obtained in order to receive treatment, whether at PHCC or HMC.

Private healthcare is also available, though it is more expensive, and many employers offer complete medical insurance to their employees and their families.


After passing a driving test, those wishing to drive in Qatar will need a valid driving license from the Ministry of Interior's Traffic Department. It will take some getting used to driving across the country, although road signs are in both English and Arabic. Because fines are allocated to the automobile rather than the driver, it's important checking the Ministry of Traffic's website before buying a used car to see whether there are any outstanding fines.

Without a car, getting to Qatar can be difficult. While new metro lines connect the city's most popular attractions, some places are more difficult to navigate, especially in a country that isn't known for its pedestrian-friendly infrastructure.

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