Joelle Mardinian Launches Clinica Joelle in Qatar

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 31 May 2022
Joelle Mardinian Launches Clinica Joelle in Qatar

At the official debut of Clinica Joelle on May 27, 2022, renowned beauty magnate Joelle Mardinian welcomed visitors and the general public into her first aesthetics clinic in Doha. Joelle was the guest of honor at the much-anticipated occasion, which saw both inquisitive and eager clients stroll inside the stunning clinic and cut the ribbon to reveal a fresh and inventive venue.

Joelle Mardinian Launches Clinica Joelle in Qatar

Clinica Joelle, which has already had a soft launch, has quickly established itself as Qatar's most trusted source for magical transformations. Clinica Joelle Qatar focuses on the most up-to-date aesthetic methods, technology, and trends to help clients alter their lives. Joelle is well-known in the Middle East as the founder of the Joelle Group, a beauty empire, and an inspiration to a generation of Arab women.

The clinic's variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures has attracted a global following, including celebrities, influencers, and opinion leaders who believe in Joelle and her team's vision, experience, and skill. Clinica Joelle Qatar is home to some of the world's greatest Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, General Practitioners, Laser Technicians, and Skin Experts with many years of experience in the world of aesthetics, with an eight-strong staff managing the Doha destination. There are also some well-known clients.

"I think the fact that we always put our image and the quality of our service above profit is the key to our success," Joelle Mardinian remarked of the opening of Clinica Joelle Qatar and the brand's expansion.

"We only hire experts who have achieved a particular degree of success because they are so skilled at what they do and don't have egos or an arrogant demeanor." They are self-assured in their ability, but they are also kind, warm, and caring," she added. Clinica Joella mentioned that one of her favorite aspects of her job is watching how pleased her colleagues are. It's a dream come true to visit Qatar and see the fruits of her labors.

Joelle Group is made up of four profitable enterprises run by Joelle herself: Maison De Joelle, Clinica Joelle, Eyecandy, and Joelle Paris. Clinica Joelle is much more than a beauty salon. It was founded in 2013 and quickly expanded to become the greatest destination to assist clients with gaining and maintaining employment.

Clinica Joella's Background

Joelle Mardinian Launches Clinica Joelle in Qatar

Joelle Mardinian, a beauty star, founded the brand in 2013. Clinica Joelle is an aesthetic clinic specializing in life transformations via the use of cutting-edge cosmetic treatments, technology, and trends. Many celebrities, influencers, and opinion leaders have visited Clinica Joelle because they believe in the power of our vision, experience, and skill.

About Joelle Mardiniab

With over 9.5 million Instagram followers and 2.5 million Facebook followers, Mardinian is one of the region's top social influencers. A mother of two and a self-made businesswoman, she held her own show on MBC1 for 13 years, with a global audience of 90 million viewers.

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