The Story of Ramadan Sports Tournaments in Qatar

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 April 2022 Last update: Thursday، 23 March 2023
The Story of Ramadan Sports Tournaments in Qatar

For many years, the Ramadan sports tournaments in Qatar have been tremendously popular, and have left a huge football legacy. They have also played a significant part in the lives of youth in general, for a variety of reasons, including providing a safe place for them to enjoy and practice their chosen sport during the holy month. A number of these tournaments were held in stadiums and sports halls, during which many talents were shown, whether they were representing institutions or individuals.

These tournaments have captured the public's attention more than official Ramadan competitions. They have become popular among supporters and spectators. They have evolved and changed, since they used to be held on grass pitches, and sports halls.

The tradition of holding Ramadan tournaments in Qatar dates back to many years ago. The State was the first to host such events, and they were extremely popular in the country, particularly the Saleh Saqr Tournament, which has been running for more than four decades, specifically since 1974, when the first edition was launched, and which served as a starting point for many of the national football stars. In each version, teams and many veteran stars race to participate in its competitions, which have become a football hub considering the gathering of the game’s cadres and referees, as well as the fans who are keen to follow its atmosphere in wonderful football evenings and nights. The Ramadan Tournament, which includes a large number of former Qatari football stars, as well as the Community Tournament, Alkass Tournament, Banking Institutions Tournament, Al-Farjan Championships, and other tournaments for various sports federations, all rank high on the list of most popular tournaments.

What distinguishes Ramadan Tournaments, according to Saleh Saqr Al-Buainain in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), is the gathering of players and stars, as well as the deepening of ties between them.  “We are pleased with this meeting and their willingness to leave a positive legacy in football stadiums, and it has benefited national teams much.”

Saleh Saqr recounted his first competition, in which he assembled a squad of 20 relatives and friends for the sole purpose of having fun and playing football during the holy month.

The Ramadan Tournaments are distinguished by a prestigious organization and competition between tournaments in regions and within clubs, where they enjoy watching the games as if it were an international championship, according to Abdullah Mubarak, the Manager of Al-Merkhia Club and a former international player. Because of the increased interest in these matches, social media sites have highlighted the event, and users have shared photos and videos that many people have found inspiring and meaningful.

Former Qatari player Mohammed Mubarak al-Mohannadi believes that participating in the friendly Ramadan tournaments is beneficial to players. These competitions allow teams to look for emerging potential, since some clubs target the most competitive tournaments in order to select the most prominent players for their teams.

According to al-Mohannadi, "There is no doubt that the enormous improvement that has accompanied the organization of these championships from year to year has gained them a high and large renown. Many former stars have contributed to their development in ways that are rarely seen in other countries.”