Qatar is an Attractive Place for Luxury Weddings and Festivities

  • Publish date: Monday، 24 October 2022
Qatar is an Attractive Place for Luxury Weddings and Festivities

According to Ackash Jain, Director of QnA International, a preeminent worldwide business-to-business event organizer, Qatar has the potential to become a regional and international destination for luxury destination events and weddings.

With a goal of welcoming more than six million tourists a year by 2030, Qatar Tourism recently unveiled an ambitious strategy to advance the country's tourism and luxury services. The "buzz" around Qatar makes it a sought-after site for customers since numerous attractions are opening up ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as well as several already-existing historical and luxurious spots, Jain emphasized.

"The market in Qatar is brand-new. There are weddings, but they are not well publicized. Despite being one of the richest countries in the world, interest exists in Qatar because of its modest size. People are curious about Qatar after the World Cup and there is a lot of excitement surrounding it, according to Jain, who was speaking outside the signing of an agreement with Qatar Tourism.

Qatar appeared as one of the most sought-after Middle Eastern destinations, according to research conducted with planners worldwide to ascertain their and their clients' enthusiasm in new locations, he continued.

There are some places that have "been there and done that," but travelers seek more recent locations, which is where Qatar comes in.

According to Jain, Qatar will host the Destination Wedding Planners (DWP) Congress in March of the next year as a result of the deal reached with Qatar Tourism. He said that the occasion would bring clients from other markets, such as Europe, America, and other regions of the world, to Qatar. After hosting the DWP Congress, tourist numbers increased by approximately 100% in Florence, Mauritius, Thailand, and Bali.

"After the Congress, Florence, which was mostly focused on the European or American markets, experienced a surge in business in those regions. We are considering implementing something in Qatar because the main markets at the moment are Lebanon and India. But when we bring in people from Europe, the US, and Africa, these regions have a large population of really wealthy people. The entire purpose of bringing this event to Qatar is to open up the market and attract more business, according to Jain.

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