Qatar Charity Launches Updated Version of Its Mobile Application

  • Publish date: Friday، 01 July 2022
Qatar Charity Launches Updated Version of Its Mobile Application

Qatar Charity launched the new version of its online application “https://qch.qa/app” to meet the aspirations of its donors and give them a more flexible and easy experience in making donations to charitable causes, as it balances the simplicity of the interface design and the speed in presenting results that match their interests.

The updated version of the application comes in line with Qatar Charity’s strategy to promote digital transformation, which has set itself the goal of constantly updating and integrating its digital solutions, in line with the latest technology, especially in the field of services that support mobile devices, giving the donor an easy and fast experience.

Qatar Charity Launches Updated Version of Its Mobile Application

The main advantages of the application

The updated application contains many features, the most important of which are: Creating an experience that makes it easier for the donor to use the application with a clearer interface, giving him greater ease while interacting with various types of donations (direct donations, campaigns, projects, guarantees, initiatives).

The application is based on artificial intelligence (AI) so that the donor shortens the effort and time in searching for what suits his interests (donation type, donation category, donation country) through the “Deep learning” feature, which analyzes the interests of the donor, the areas he follows and the campaigns that he pursues and interacts with it, in order to make it easier to show donations that match his interests once he launches the app.

The application seeks to facilitate the process of searching for various donations through the technology of speed in showing the results, customize the search so that the user can obtain his request with the least possible effort, and also provides a feature that allows the donor to be able to install the projects presented, with the ability to control the characteristics of the installment project (amount, duration)

Profile interface in the app

The application has included a new interface for the personal profile, which helps the donor to follow up on his donations, the projects he launched and the categories he supports and guarantees, the possibility of easy navigation through the various sections of the file, facilitating the follow-up of guarantees and seeing the conditions of his sponsor, and simplifying the procedures for following up on charitable projects at every stage,

With the ability to donate through the profile, the application also included answering the most common questions that are frequently asked by users of the application, with a full explanation of all types of donations contained in the application.

Among the main features of the application is also to facilitate the process of sharing campaign and project links through “Al Dal Al Khair”, while facilitating participation in the periodic donation and daily charity.

It should be noted that Qatar Charity is an international non-governmental organization that has been working in the field of development and humanitarian aid since 1992 in accordance with the laws governing the non-profit sector in the State of Qatar. Qatar Charity was established as an institutional expression of a city will that derives its components from the values, principles, and cultural and civilizational heritage of the Qatari society in order to do good and participate in the international solidarity series effectively and efficiently in addressing the most important humanitarian and development challenges faced by poor and needy peoples across the world.

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