The World Cup Promotes Tourist Real Estate Investment in Qatar

  • Publish date: Monday، 18 July 2022
The World Cup Promotes Tourist Real Estate Investment in Qatar

Real estate experts and businessmen confirmed that the Qatar World Cup 2022 opened the appetite of investors to seize investment opportunities in the Qatari real estate market, This explains the very large increase in the demand for residential, commercial, tourist, and hotel apartments with the country's hosting of the World Cup, which is the most prominent and event in the world.

In an interview, the experts noted that the flexible facilities set up by the competent authorities in terms of real estate registration and documentation, soft loans, modern areas with complete services, and ready infrastructure helped greatly to resort to the real estate sector.

They said that the completion of the infrastructure in the northern regions, the Pearl, Al Qassar, and all areas near the stadiums and football training centers, the integrated engineering planning, and the quality and efficiency in the quality of buildings, motivated investors and families to buy real estate, stressing that the non-Qatari ownership law of real estate and the law on permanent residence had the greatest impact to seize the promising opportunities in the real estate market.

They added that the areas near stadiums, training centers, and sports services are witnessing a remarkable turnout from investors, citizens, and owners of quality initiatives.

Khalifa Al-Maslamani, a real estate expert and appraiser, confirmed that the local real estate market promised many investment opportunities, whether in residential, commercial, administrative, or vacant units, noting that the nearness of the country’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup increases the demand for real estate in all its forms, and prices are good and suitable for everyone.

He noted that Qataris are increasingly interested in buying and investing in the northern regions, including Al Kharaitiyat, Lusail, Izghawa, Al Kheesa, and Al Shamal, citing the completion of the infrastructure and the modernity of the areas in terms of establishment and services available in them, in addition to the expansion of spaces in buildings, lands, and villas.

For his part, Mr. Mubarak Fresh, a real estate expert and member of the Central Municipal Council, said that hosting the World Cup in Qatar contributed greatly to the growth of the real estate sector, and he attributed the real estate growth - in addition to the largest sporting event - to the state's supervision of modernizing and developing cities in line with the needs of families and investors, and also to keep pace with The most prominent event is the 2022 World Cup, which sheds light on the real estate development in the country, adding that the real estate market is witnessing stability in prices and supply equals demand, and this in itself works to stabilize the market.

He pointed out that population expansion and urban expansion alongside the biggest event, which is hosting the World Cup, contributed to an increase in demand for areas that are witnessing a remarkable growth in services and utilities, calling on the public to be careful in purchasing and real estate investment by resorting to specialists and referring to official channels to know the movement of real estate trading.

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