Reasons Made Doha Lowest Cost of Living for Residents in the GCC

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 July 2022
Reasons Made Doha Lowest Cost of Living for Residents in the GCC

The report was based on a study published by the mercer website, which specializes in consulting and classifying the standard of living in the countries of the world.

Here, we provide an explanation of some of the factors that made Qatar really the lowest cost of living in the Gulf cities for residents.

1 - The highest level of income in the Gulf countries:

According to a study by CNBC Arabia, the level of income for residents of Qatar is the highest among the Gulf countries, as residents of Qatar have been on the monthly income pyramid compared to the Gulf countries for more than 8 years.

2- Medical services:

The State of Qatar is considered the first among the countries of the world, not in the Gulf region, to provide treatment to its residents, citizens, and residents, for free or at the lowest prices, in addition to the fact that many medical services, medicines, and daily treatments are provided free of charge to residents, and this is a unique case in the Gulf region and the Arab world in general, not to mention the billions that It is paid annually for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases for citizens and residents alike.

3- The cost of recruitment and renewal of residence permits:

The cost of family recruitment for residents in Qatar or the renewal of residency and visits is one of the least expensive in the Gulf region, especially after the cost of bringing families to residents in the number of Gulf countries increased to amounts that are much higher than the current imposed in Doha.

4- Cost of public services and taxes:

The cost of services in Qatar for residents is the lowest in the Gulf, in addition to the fact that Qatar is the only country that does not impose taxes on the income of citizens and residents.

Rising Rent Costs

No one, whether a citizen or resident, can deny the rise in rents in Qatar. Real estate prices and apartment rents have recently increased in many places by 20%, according to what real estate experts have confirmed to the East in previous reports, stressing that the real estate market, like any other market, is subject to supply and demand. Real estate owners) started from 4% to 20% in raising prices, and some of them resorted to canceling the free months that they resorted to in a period when the offer was higher, so the increase in rent made the removal of the free months, as the developer or the owner of the property found an opportunity he wanted to seize, agree or disagree with her. This is another research, but it is an opportunity that everyone wanted to take advantage of.

There is an important piece of information that must be addressed regarding the rise in rents, which is that rent prices in Russia before hosting the 2018 World Cup rose insanely, as well as in Brazil in 2014 when the tournament was organized, according to official statistics, and this means in one way or another that the high rent prices in Qatar It is temporary.

We are not here to summarize the reality and we do not want to say that Qatar is outside the global system. The price hike has increased all over the world, even in Qatar, in a way that made many criticize the rise in prices. However, the rise in real estate and food prices is not the only determinant. There are many factors that are taken into account, and the continuous efforts and advantages made by the state to secure a decent life for all who inhabit the land of Qatar, and denying this is unfairness and a lack of appreciation that must be stopped.

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