Meryal Waterpark in Qatar Is Decorated for The World Cup Fans

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 06 September 2022
Meryal Waterpark in Qatar Is Decorated for The World Cup Fans

The public and visitors of Qatar are waiting for the opening date of the visual water park, one of the largest water projects in the Middle East, which is expected to be a favorite destination and a major attraction for the 2022 World Cup fans.

"Meryal" is the name of the wonderful water park, and it expresses - according to the Qetaifan Projects Company - the Qatari culture, following the design of the water park inspired by the history of oil and gas discovery in Qatar, so that it is easy to pronounce in all languages and the young and old can pronounce it easily.

Qetaifan Projects aspires to compete and raise this distinctive real estate product to international levels as the first tourist and entertainment destination that contributes to promoting Qatari culture and serving the state's sectors, perhaps the most prominent of which are tourism and hospitality."

Qetaifan points out that the design was inspired by the history of oil and gas discovery in Qatar to give a historical character, express our culture and consolidate the identity of the water park, and the colors used in the park tend to be rusty, to give visitors an idea of the gas and oil fields and their shape in the form of water games, and there is no doubt that There is nothing better than the history of the discovery of oil and gas in Qatar, which effectively contributed to the renaissance of Qatar.

The water park covers an area of about 281,000 square meters and includes 36 water games and a water ski tower - a height of 85 meters and includes 12 ski games for lovers of adventure and excitement, topping, as the highest water tower in the world, in the Guinness Book of Records.

The park also includes a game of scouts equipped with 3D displays and augmented reality technology that will take visitors on a historical journey back in time to learn closely about the history of oil and gas discovery and experience.

The Games City aims to provide various packages of recreational games ranging from children's play to various exciting experiences such as non-water games, water slides, and fountains, with 38 entertainment attractions in the project area.

Icon Tower Island can be reached by train and includes changing facilities, restaurants, cafes, malls, and traditional “cabana” restrooms, in addition to Water facilities on the island which include various sports, recreational boats, and slides, as well as the rest of the exciting experiences of water parks.

Qetaifan Island North is the first recreational island in the State of Qatar and a major attraction in the Lusail City expansion project.

It is worth noting that the water park offers special periods for women and also includes many non-water games for all family members, in addition to the old train to transport visitors from the water park to the Icon Tower

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