Ezdan Real Estate Company Unveils "Al Janoub Gardens " Project

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 September 2022
Ezdan Real Estate Company Unveils "Al Janoub Gardens " Project

Ezdan Real Estate Company revealed plans to launch its "Al Janoub Gardens" project, which is located on an area of 300,000 square meters in Al Wukair area, by the end of this year.

The project includes more than 2,368 apartments of various sizes and fully furnished, in addition to 240 commercial outlets.

This came during a press conference in which the company highlighted one of its most important real estate projects during the year 2022, which is expected to contribute to meeting the rising demand in the real estate market for residential units, with Qatar hosting many international events, conferences, and championships.

The "Al Janoub Gardens " multi-purpose project is considered an artery linking the residential and commercial purposes, and an integrated set of services, including more than 4,400 car parks outside and within the basement floors, as well as mosques, children's areas, and about 10 swimming pools distributed throughout the project.

Hani Dabash, Executive Vice President of Ezdan Holding Group, said during the press conference that the project is located on a total area of more than 300,000 square meters, and the current construction completion plans have exceeded 75%, adding: "We expect the construction phases of the project to be completed by the end of the current year."

He pointed out that the most important feature of the project is its provision of a full-service community, offering modern living with its luxury and harmony with nature through green spaces, sports fields, as well as outdoor and indoor gyms, swimming pools, and children's play areas.

He explained that the "Al Janoub Gardens " project is located in a vital area on Al Wakra Expressway and Al Wukair main road near the Al Janoub World Cup Stadium, and a few minutes away from Al Thumama Stadium, Al Wakra Hospital, and Ezdan Malls in Al Wakra and Al Wukair.

The Executive Vice President of Ezdan Real Estate added, "We consider this project the most important achievement this year added to the record of Ezdan Real Estate Company, and it marks a new phase in its career with the announcement of its plans to launch a series of completely modern residential complexes, which pump more than 4,000 housing units to the Real estate market, which meets the aspirations and requirements of the market during that historical stage of the State of Qatar, in light of its hosting of the biggest and most prominent international sports tournaments ever.”

It is noteworthy that Ezdan Holding Group owns about 32,000 real estate units for various purposes in Doha, Al Wakra, and Al Wukair, and the company offered for rent during the last period, one of the phases of the Ezdan Oasis project, the largest of its kind in the Al Wukair area, or what is known as “The Land of the Million”, which It consists of thousands of residential, administrative and commercial units, and is considered an integrated city in the Al Wukair area.

The surrounding area is also witnessing a boom in the volume of commercial and investment business due to the road and infrastructure development projects that have been implemented, in parallel with the metro project.