Simple Steps to Host Families and Friends During The World Cup

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 24 August 2022
Simple Steps to Host Families and Friends During The World Cup

During the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Qatar's citizens and residents who possess the Hayya card may register and host friends and family members from other countries.

Saeed Al Kuwari, Executive Director of the Hayya platform at the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, explained that the service offered through the Hayya platform (hayya.qatar2022.qa) under the category "register to host your friends and relatives only requires very basic information from the host about himself and his guests (SC).

Speaking to Qatar TV yesterday, he said the massive athletic event will serve as a gathering place for family and friends, and many people are anticipated to go to Qatar to visit their loved ones there.

For instance, someone who bought a ticket to a game, applied for a Hayya card, and received conditional approval will ask a friend in Qatar to host them.

A resident of Qatar who wishes to host a family member or a friend will register on the Hayya platform through the app or website. They must submit their QID number, the expiration date of their residency permit, their date of birth, and their address at home.

The representative responded that the host does not require the Hayya card.

The host will next be prompted by the system to enter his home address. The applicant would be required to provide information about his guest, including name, passport number, and nationality, after verifying the national address, according to Al Kuwari. Fans looking for a one-day stay can also apply through the Hayya platform, which will allow them to make hotel reservations and obtain the Hayya card, according to him.

After submitting an application for a Hayya card, fans will use this service, which requires them to provide their arrival and departure times in Qatar. And that's all. According to him, the card will only permit a one-day stay in this case.

However, he continued, the card will continue to be valid, allowing owners to return to Qatar every time they receive a match ticket.

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