Tickets from Argentina to Qatar Were 'accidentally' Offered for $1

  • Publish date: Monday، 23 May 2022
Tickets from Argentina to Qatar Were 'accidentally' Offered for $1

Fans are trying to book a flight to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, but are concerned about the hefty costs.

Flight tickets to Qatar were unintentionally marketed for $1.50 due to a fault in the Spanish travel operator eDreams. This surprising deal was brought to light by Argentinian influencer Martín Martínez on social media, where it was revealed that four round trip tickets to the Gulf country could be purchased for less than $10.

With flight tickets at an all-time high ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which is set to take place in November, the influencer observed certain flights provided by the Spanish travel agent for less than $1 on Wednesday.

Martínez wrote, "My whole body started to tremble, and I felt tremendously on edge." "My friends and I started filling in our information, but we were wondering to ourselves, 'What the heck are we doing?' This can't possibly be true!'

With such an astounding deal revelation, the influencer went viral on social media, driving many to rush to the agency's website to secure their own tickets to this year's World Cup host country, Qatar. However, the site was pulled down within minutes. The travel confirmation and boarding card were still sent to the Argentinian influencer.

"We received confirmation from the company, via the application, via conversations, as well as from the flight, via the airline, and even the boarding card," Martínez told local media that the firm had debited our bank accounts.

Those who purchased tickets under this deal received an email from the service 'eDreams' informing them that their tickets had been canceled.

The influencer stated that the Spanish agency should be held liable for the cancellation of their tickets because it had confirmed their flight with Air France over the phone, saying, "We want our tickets no matter what!"

Qatar has upgraded its aviation operations in preparation for the FIFA World Cup.

"We briefly offered the incorrect pricing for flights from Santiago to Sydney due to an error." The flaw was immediately discovered and fixed. Please accept our apologies. All reservations placed at these incorrect rates have been canceled, and all clients will receive a full refund. We're working to make sure this doesn't happen again."

The cancellation came later for the influencer because Martínez had already booked a 33-night stay in Doha, costing him roughly $85.

Flight prices are rising in anticipation of the 2022 World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup organizers expect roughly 1.5 million people to attend the upcoming major sporting event.

During the tournament, airlines raised flight prices to Qatar considerably. As of February, a one-way ticket on Qatar Airways from Argentina to Doha on November 20 cost more than 17,000 QAR, while flights from England cost 5,000 QAR.

Supporters of Brazil may have to pay as much as 12,596 QAR for a one-way ticket and nearly twice that for an economy round-trip.

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