1800 Luxury Hotel Tents for World Cup Fans on Qetaifan Island

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 02 November 2022
1800 Luxury Hotel Tents for World Cup Fans on Qetaifan Island

Qetaifan Island is adorned with its splendor in the framework of Qatar's reception of the awaited international event, where the island will offer many diverse activities, including entertainment and cultural, in addition to the Qetaifan Island fans camp, which has a luxurious Arab design with a distinctive view of the sea of Lusail City to provide 1,800 luxury tents equipped with a lot of privileges.

In addition to an Arab village to welcome fans and introduce them to the culture and origins of Arab hospitality, in addition to the Al Thuraya village, which is distinguished with its activities for families and children, and finally the Beach Club, which will open its doors to welcome visitors to enjoy beach activities and entertainment shows. Perhaps the most important feature of the events is its proximity to Lusail Stadium, which is only 5 kilometers away.

1800 Hotel Tents

Qetaifan Island is considered one of the most prominent participants in providing distinguished accommodation for football fans, by preparing a hotel camp consisting of 1800 luxuriously designed and equipped Arab tents and providing all hotel services including breakfast and free internet, in addition to a clinic, and security services available throughout the day, in addition to the beautiful and picturesque view of the northern beaches of Qetaifan Island, where each tent is designed to accommodate two people.

Beach Festival

The island is also preparing to present the largest entertainment festival on its beaches during November and December, and the highlights of what will be presented: dozens of beach entertainment events, beach sports, catering services, augmented reality shows, daily concerts by prominent Arab and foreign artists, free internet throughout the day and huge screens on the beach to enjoy watching the matches.

Arab Village

In search of attracting the Arab masses and various other categories of audiences, the Arab village was equipped to highlight the values and origins of Arab hospitality and its authentic culture by allocating an area of 17,700 square meters, including a pavilion for each Arab country, to be a window for visitors and fans of these countries to present live musical performances that will host Arab artists, cultural performances And entertainment activities, in addition to oriental kitchens and heritage shows.

The village will also include a giant screen to display matches, and its visitors are expected to reach 50,000 visitors per day.

Al Thuraya Village

Al Thuraya Village will include pavilions for entertainment brands and international games as a haven for individuals and families throughout the hosting days during November and December.

The village includes restaurants, daily live musical performances, a circus show for children, and many paragraphs, shows, and profitable games, in addition to souvenir shops, and other exciting offers designed to add an atmosphere of excitement and suspense for the whole family.

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