Must Visit Islands in Qatar for A Heavenly Retreat

  • Publish date: Sunday، 10 September 2023
Must Visit Islands in Qatar for A Heavenly Retreat

If you need to escape from the city’s hustle-bustle, Qatar Moments suggests you give a visit to one or all of these charming islands where you can enjoy the ultimate beauty of nature.

Here are some of the must-visit Islands in Qatar:

Purple Island (Al Khor Island)

Purple Island is one of the most famous Qatar islands. It is also known as Jazirat bin Ghanim or Al Khor Island.

The island is on the northeastern coast of Qatar in Al Khor. You will enjoy the exotic variety of flora and fauna while Kayaking at Purple Island. This island is a great treat for lovers of the natural world because it is home to numerous fossils and diverse fish species.

The island also has the oldest archaeological site in Qatar, dating back to 3000 BC, making it worthwhile for history buffs to explore.

Must Visit Islands in Qatar for A Heavenly Retreat

Banana Island

Banana Island, a man-made picturesque island located in the Persian Gulf, is one of the nicest islands in Qatar. The island is a private property of the Anantara Resort that has amazing features.

You will also find there Water Villas, which provide views of the pool or the sea.

The crescent-shaped island of Banana Island in Qatar has a wooden swing where you may shoot pictures fit for Instagram. You will enjoy water sports on the island like diving, kayaking, banana boat riding, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.

You can take a luxurious catamaran ferry from Doha Corniche to reach the island in just 30 minutes.

Must Visit Islands in Qatar for A Heavenly Retreat

Al Safliya Island

Al Safliya is a small island off the coast of Doha that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

You will need to be fully equipped while visiting this island as there are no facilities there. There are just several wooden umbrellas and pergolas allowing guests to enjoy the shade and lounge on the beach all day.

Try paddleboarding, kayaking, banana boat riding, and jet skiing there. This island also offers breathtaking views of the Doha skyline, especially around sunset.

You can take either a dhow ride or a speed boat ride from Doha Corniche or the Pearl to reach Al Safliya Island.

Must Visit Islands in Qatar for A Heavenly Retreat

The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar is a luxury man-made island in Qatar. Extravagant malls, ostentatious villas, luxury towers, fine-dining restaurants, catchy marinas, plush and chic boutiques, and much more can be found on the island.

The island is outfitted with all modern facilities, giving it an ideal place to relax with your family.

You will enjoy the breathtaking views of the waterfront from the island and relax on the fascinating beaches to experience nature's tranquility.

Fine dining is available at any of the waterfront cafes, which offer wonderful views of the sea.

The best method to get to the Pearl-Qatar is by taxi, which will take you there in around 20 minutes. There are other, comparably less expensive options including the metro and public buses.

Must Visit Islands in Qatar for A Heavenly Retreat

Old Palm Tree Island

Old Palm Tree Island is nestled in a picturesque location in the center of Doha Bay. Views of the Doha Corniche, the waterfront promenade, and the city's outstanding landmarks, such as the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), are absolutely divine.

The island also has amenities for kids, including a playground and other leisure activities. There are also camel and horse racing events on the island, along with sailing and fishing vessels.

This island is quite simple to get from Doha on a dhow boat, and the trip just takes ten minutes.

Must Visit Islands in Qatar for A Heavenly Retreat

Al Aaliya Island

Al Aaliya Island, which is situated off the coast of Al Daayen to the north of the Pearl-Qatar, is one of Qatar's most wonderful islands. Since it is the ideal island to experience snorkeling, many adventure seekers usually fly to Qatar to visit the island.

It is also a fantastic location for fishing. You may reach the island in 25 to 30 minutes by boat from Doha.

Must Visit Islands in Qatar for A Heavenly Retreat

Shura Awa Island

The island is a perfect site to have a walk on the soft sand while admiring the amazing natural beauty of the place, surrounded by turquoise blue waves and golden sand beach.

The island is about a kilometer long and is dotted with rocky hills and green vegetation.

Additionally, it is gifted with an interesting coral reef, which visitors to Shura Awa Island must undoubtedly investigate.

Due to its proximity to Diynah Island, one may board a boat from Doha and arrive on the island in one hour.

Must Visit Islands in Qatar for A Heavenly Retreat

Ishat Island

Ishat Island is nestled in the Southeastern part of Qatar. This island is the perfect place to unwind because of its beautiful surroundings and temperate climate.

People travel to this island to unwind and take advantage of their free time in order to escape their busy job lives and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

The island is surrounded by various rocks and three islets.

Must Visit Islands in Qatar for A Heavenly Retreat

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