Qatar Islamic Bank Continues to Lead Digital Banking in Qatar

  • Publish date: Thursday، 21 July 2022
Qatar Islamic Bank Continues to Lead Digital Banking in Qatar

Qatar Islamic Bank, the digital banking pioneer in Qatar, has added five new features to its award-winning mobile app, as part of its ongoing efforts to provide innovative digital solutions to its customers.

The bank offers a new service, the first of its kind in Qatar, to apply for an instant credit card using the mobile application in return for booking an amount equal to the credit limit of the card.

This feature also provides an opportunity for customers who do not have a salary to obtain a credit card immediately without the need for additional documents.

A summary of the features and benefits of each credit card is presented to help the customer make the appropriate decision regarding the card he would like to obtain. Customers can choose to receive the new credit card on the next working day either from the service center in the C-Ring, or by delivering it to the house via Qatar Post, and the process of applying and approving the request for a new credit card is completed within minutes and in a few simple steps For the customer to activate the card and add it to Apple Pay to use it immediately without having to wait to receive the card.

The bank also offers the service of controlling the daily bank transfer limit through the bank's mobile application. This service will enable customers to better control their transfers and request an increase in the transfer limit when they need to transfer an amount greater than the available transfer limit without the need to visit a bank branch.

With the new update, customers who have subscribed to Takaful program can view all insurance policies of their Takaful products on the mobile app.

With this new feature, the bank will send notifications to its customers when the insurance policies are about to expire, so the customer can renew the policy before its expiry through the application and immediately

The bank introduced another new feature that allows customers to cancel Western Union transfers if the beneficiary does not receive the funds. In addition, customers can request to amend the name of the beneficiary via the mobile application without the need to contact the bank.

Commenting on the latest updates, Mr. Anand, General Manager of Retail Banking Group at QIB: “Last year, QIB introduced a new version of its mobile app, with a new look and various features, to provide customers with a seamless banking experience.

Since then, we have been constantly providing new and innovative services through which we are working to develop the customer experience for the bank’s mobile application, allowing them more control over their financial needs, and making their digital banking experience easier and safer.”

Mr. Dr. added. Anand: “As customers are transitioning to digital channels faster than ever before, it is imperative for us to continue to meet their needs and make them more in control and informed about their finances by providing a more advanced digital experience.”