Places to Learn Arabic in Qatar for Non-Arabic Speakers

  • Publish date: Friday، 13 May 2022
Places to Learn Arabic in Qatar for Non-Arabic Speakers

Many expatriates from many countries and nationalities find living in the Gulf to be a highly appealing possibility. The predominant language spoken in the GCC is Arabic, and mastering it will offer you a distinct advantage over the competition. It not only opens up a world of possibilities for understanding Arab culture, but it is also incredibly versatile, since it is spoken in over 20 countries by about 274 million people.

Despite small differences in dialects and local slang, mastering the language is always beneficial for making personal and professional relationships in the Gulf. Furthermore, because it is the language of the Holy Qur'an, it is a distinct benefit because it aids in the comprehension of Islamic concepts.

Several institutes and private teachers in Qatar provide Arabic training for various ages and levels of difficulty. As a non-Arabic speaker, we've collected a list of sites where you can enroll to study Arabic.


Places to Learn Arabic in Qatar for Non-Arabic Speakers

Hamad Bin Khalifa University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a comprehensive range of Arabic courses for adults and children. Their children's classes are designed to assist young people Arabic in a fun and engaging way. These courses are available in a variety of levels for both native and non-native speakers.

Adult courses include full-fledged and conversational Arabic at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels 1, 2, and 3. It would be beneficial to speak with their Arabic Language Coordinator to establish which level you should begin at. Arabic courses for medical professionals and business are also available at HBKU.

2- Fatyat Al-Mostaqbal Center

Places to Learn Arabic in Qatar for Non-Arabic Speakers

This is an online Arabic study center with services available all around the world. They run their business through Instagram and WhatsApp and provide a variety of Arabic classes for girls, women, and children. Their classes, which range from beginner to Level-4 Arabic, are available on a monthly basis at a reasonable price. They even have Quranic classes that teach you how to memorize Qaida Nuraniyah, Juza Amma, and Juza Tabark and recite them correctly. For working individuals, classes are available weekly or on Thursday.

3- Learning Arabic

Places to Learn Arabic in Qatar for Non-Arabic Speakers

Al Jazeera English offers a free web series called Learning Arabic. 'Arabic Letters and Voices' is a series that features animated words and letters that teach the listener proper pronunciation through movement and written context.

4- Preply

Places to Learn Arabic in Qatar for Non-Arabic Speakers

Preply is a language-learning app and website that connects users with over 140,000 tutors who speak nearly 50 languages. The app is available in nearly 200 countries and provides users with a variety of alternatives for finding a tutor in their favorite language with customized features. Preply has a large number of Arabic teachers, and you can customize your tutor's nationality, add a budget filter for hourly rates, and adjust tutor specialization choices. Students can also select when they are available for a lesson and filter tutors based on their availability. There is also the option of taking a free trial class.

5- Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

Places to Learn Arabic in Qatar for Non-Arabic Speakers

Every year, the Doha Institute of Graduate Studies accepts applications for September entry into its Arabic programs. The course seeks to raise the profile of Arabic as a study and research language among both local and international students.

6- Berlitz Language Center

Places to Learn Arabic in Qatar for Non-Arabic Speakers

Berlitz Language Center in Qatar offers a variety of high-quality language classes for children, teenagers, and adults. For corporate clients, their courses encompass language, cultural, and business issues. To ensure that students gain a better comprehension of the Arabic language, the Berlitz MethodTM is applied.

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