Discover Al Dana Club in Qatar

  • Publish date: Monday، 06 June 2022
Discover Al Dana Club in Qatar

Lovers of luxury and sophistication must-visit Al Dana Club, located in the Al Khor area. The club is characterized by its luxurious heritage design mixed with Arab originality and fine taste. The club contains many facilities, two restaurants, a business center, both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, beautiful outdoor seating, a gym, two wedding halls equipped with all necessary services, and a dining hall.

Discover Al Dana Club in Qatar

The club includes two wedding halls, namely Al Jewan Hall, which is one of the largest and most luxurious wedding halls in Qatar. The hall can accommodate more than 500 people in the case of a wedding party and more than 1,000 people in the case of conferences and large meetings. The hall is characterized by attractive decorations and designs that combine luxury and authentic architecture, high ceilings, and marble flooring.

The hall also features beautiful arches lit with wonderful colors, and wonderful coordination of tables and chairs covered with the most luxurious fabrics, a special corridor for the newlyweds furnished with elegant red carpets, and tables decorated with flower vases and luxurious dining tools.

In addition to the Tabara Hall, which is a small hall that can accommodate 60 people and is characterized by beautiful decorations and equipped with all services.

Services provided by the hall

A staff consisting of supervisors, and a cleaner’s ladies, a buffet for dinner, prepared with the most delicious Arabic cuisine, and a wide selection of sweets, cold and hot drinks.

The hall is equipped with the latest acoustic technology, beautiful lighting, speakers and DJ, excellent air conditioning, and toilets distributed in a comfortable way.

Discover Al Dana Club in Qatar

In a related context, Katara Hospitality is working to enhance the services of Al Dana Club by providing it with new facilities that meet the aspirations and desires of its visitors and members at the same time. Katara Hospitality has recently launched the services of Bait Al Dana, which has now become one of the most prominent facilities in the club. Bayt Al Dana is a new restaurant imbued with oriental hospitality and authenticity. 

Discover Al Dana Club in Qatar

Mr. Ahmed Al Abdullah, General Manager of Al Dana Club, said:

Bait Al Dana Restaurant is the main restaurant in the Al Dana Club, which serves Arabic dishes from Morocco, in addition to Levantine and local foods, adding in this context that the menu at Bait Al Dana varies in line with the diversity of kitchen experiences and the efficiency of the chefs working in it, noting that the menu at Bait Al Dana reflects the authenticity Arab cuisine, pointing out that Bait Al Dana is the only specialized restaurant that provides gourmets and food lovers with all the delicious foods.

It is worth mentioning that Al Dana Club is a private club for members, located in a prime location near Doha Corniche and next to West Bay on Commercial Street. The club is an oasis of Arabian hospitality with a great and prestigious history spanning more than 20 years.

The club provides families with a place to relax, eat and exercise, with a range of recreational facilities, restaurants, lounges, children's activities, and meeting rooms.