Do's and Don'ts for Qatar Visitors

  • Publish date: Sunday، 18 September 2022
Do's and Don'ts for Qatar Visitors
 A Brief Overview to Qatar’s Language and Culture

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Qatar is a modern, developed nation. It also cherishes its history and maintains a number of traditions, rituals, and cultural norms that are still observed today.

Several dos and don'ts regarding Qatari etiquette are listed below. You might be familiar with some of these manners as an expat in Qatar, but not necessarily all of them. Additionally, if you're a newcomer to Qatar, this is a terrific resource to help you fit in and learn more about the culture and values of the nation.

Visiting Qatari homes

Greeting etiquettes

Do's and Don'ts for Qatar Visitors

Greet people in a Qatari home according to their status and age (the elderly and those that have a higher status must be greeted first, as also the women). Touching a child on the head is a gesture of respect for them and a prayer for God's blessing on them.

As it is considered religiously improper, some people in Qatar choose not to shake hands with those of the opposite sex, but they may still extend a greeting by placing their right hand on their hearts.

Removing the shoes

Do's and Don'ts for Qatar Visitors

Because it is part of Qatari tradition, you can be expected to take your shoes off when you enter a Qatari home. However, this varies from house to house. You can keep your socks on, but make sure your feet are clean before you take them off.

Arabic coffee etiquettes

Do's and Don'ts for Qatar Visitors
Arabic coffee (gahwa) is served from a traditional coffee pot called a "dallah" in a tiny delicate cup called a "finjaan" that lacks a handle and is only partially filled. To ensure that it isn't too hot when the guest sip it, fill it up to 1/4 of the way.

To make sure the Arabic coffee is good enough to serve the guests, the Qatari host always tastes it first. Coffee is never poured into "finjaans" and placed on a tray; instead, it is delivered individually to each guest in the same manner. Drinking must always be done with the right hand.

Dining etiquettes

Do's and Don'ts for Qatar Visitors

Be prepared for everyone to eat the machboos (rice and meat or chicken) from the same large dish as you sit on the floor to eat. The Qataris frequently do this as a means to connect and communicate. Don't be offended if someone puts food on your plate with their hands because they wash their hands before eating. This is an indication to visitors that they are welcome and valued.

Food is typically consumed with hands (but this may differ from household to household). The left hand is thought to be unsanitary, hence only the right hand should be used for eating.

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