Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab Mosque

  • Publish date: Monday، 11 April 2022
Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab Mosque

Since the beginning of Ramadan, when the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs in Qatar announced the reduction of precautionary measures in mosques, in line with the plan to gradually lift restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and restore normal life, Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab Mosque, which opened in 2011, has seen a large turnout of worshippers including women, men, and children.

Sheik Abdul Rahman Jassim Al-Baker, the Imam of the Taraweeh Prayer in Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab Mosque, explained to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the heavy turnout of worshippers to perform the Taraweeh prayer during the holy month at the mosque is due to the fact that they can easily reach it from all directions, considering that it is an easy destination for all citizens, residents, and visitors to the State of Qatar due to its suitable geographical location. He went on to say that the mosque has a significant symbolism in Qatar, heightened by the fact that it was opened under the patronage of HH the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani and named after Sheik Imam Mohammed bin Abdulwahab, who revived the call to unification.

Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab Mosque

The Mohammed bin Abdulwahab Mosque has seen a massive religious activity since it opened, and a lot of scholars, sheiks, and notable personalities from all over the Islamic World have been invited to offer lectures to the worshippers. Sheik Al-Baker described it as a gathering place for all intellectuals and sheiks working in the domains of eloquence, advocacy, lessons, and the Imamate.

The Imam Muhammad bin Abdulwahab Mosque, which opened about a decade ago in Doha, is one of the city's most visible landmarks and one of society's largest and most useful undertakings as a place of worship and learning. The mosque, which is around 175,000 square meters in size and can accommodate 11,000 worshippers, is located north of downtown Doha. Around 1,200 worshipers can be accommodated in the women's air-conditioned hall. The mosque's courtyard and front yard, which can hold 30,000 people, are available for prayer.

The mosque occupies a total area of 19,565 square meters, with the outer courtyard covering 14,953 square meters. From three sides, it connects the level of external facilities to the level of the mosque's courtyard through grades and slopes for people with special needs.

The mosque is lit and embellished with 28 multi-layered copper circling chandeliers suspended from the ceiling at a height of 14 meters. To limit and treat sound reverberation, the sound systems are highly developed, self-governing, and self-guiding. It contains a reliable camera network that allows for good direct television delivery. The mosque's grounds also include recreational areas, open and covered parking lots with a total capacity of 3,000 cars, and a service facility. Its water services were modeled around the design of a typical freshwater resource in Qatar. It is also encircled by a green strip of 47,362 square meters that wraps around outdoor stands and buildings. It is surrounded by a variety of plants and seasonal flowers.

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