Ali Al-Sada's Majlis: To Learn about the Ancient Landmarks of Ruwais

  • Publish date: Sunday، 01 May 2022
Ali Al-Sada's Majlis: To Learn about the Ancient Landmarks of Ruwais

Mr. Ali bin Hussein Al-Sada is from the ancient city of Al-Ruwais, and he is one of the oldest residents who still live there, maintaining the approach of the fathers and grandfathers who lived in the same city.

And when you visit his Majlis , you will find a number of citizens and residents who are keen to be present on a permanent basis throughout the holy month to have a collective iftar with each other in the atmosphere and spirituality of the holy month.

The presence of visitors is not limited to the days of the blessed month of Ramadan, but the Majlis remains open to its guests throughout the year, dedicating the generosity and hospitality of the people of Qatar.

The Majlis contains a number of models that represent the landmarks of the city of Ruwais, in order to familiarize its visitors, citizens, and residents, with the landmarks of this ancient city and its legacy.

Ali bin Hussein Al-Sada said: "After the end of the Corona pandemic, which led to the closure of the Qatari majalis, including my majlis, in compliance with the health requirements that were set and in compliance with the laws and standing with our country in the face of the Corona crisis, as the majlis stopped receiving guests for two consecutive years, During this year, the majlis resumed receiving guests after lifting restrictions and returning to normal life, as meetings resumed in the majlis, which was and is still keen to be present in it and visit citizens and residents on a daily basis throughout the holy month and even during other months of the year."

He added, "We have been accustomed in our majlis since the time of our fathers and grandfathers to receive guests during the month of Ramadan and to have iftar with them, and I'm still continuing this habit until today in the city of Ruwais, where dozens of fasting people flocked on a daily basis to be in the Majlis in preparation for the collective iftar with us."

He continued, since he is one of the old residents of the city of Ruwais who still inhabits it and never thinks of moving from it, this prompted him to design real models of some ancient and archaeological buildings in the city of Ruwais and put them in the majlis, including the first police station in the city, as well as a model design for the mosque in the area, in addition to Al-Ruwais School as well, with the aim of preserving these heritage monuments that still exist.

And He explained that caring for the heritage is an integral part of their family,  as he and his father are proud of their heritage, and are keen to convey it to the residents of Qatar and other communities with pride, especially at this time with the development and technology boom and the presence of different nationalities residing on the land of Qatar, taking advantage of Dozens of residents visited their Majlis and introduced them to their heritage in the city of Ruwais.

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