Qatar Will Allow Selling "Beer" During the World Cup

  • Publish date: Sunday، 04 September 2022
Qatar Will Allow Selling "Beer" During the World Cup

The World Cup will be held this year for the first time in a Muslim country that imposes strict regulations on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, but Qatar intends to allow fans to buy alcoholic beer, but under certain conditions, according to a report.

Qatar intends to allow fans of holders of tickets matches World Cup to buy beer full of alcohol three hours from the kick-off of the match and for one hour after the final whistle, but not during the match, a source according to Reuters said.

The source added that the company that has exclusive rights to sell beer at the tournament and is a major sponsor of the World Cup, will serve its brew within the perimeters of each stadium, but not in the stands of the stadium or entries.

The World Cup is held this year for the first time in a Muslim country that imposes strict controls on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, posing unique challenges for event organizers sponsored by one of the major beer brands and often associated with beer enthusiasts.

The source explained, “Beer will be available when the gates open, i.e., three hours before the start of the matches. Whoever wants to drink beer will be able to do that.

In addition, beer will be allowed in part of the main fan zone in central Doha from 6:30 evening until 1 pm daily during the tournament which lasts 29 days and kicks off on 20 November.

In previous World Cup editions, drinking beer was allowed in the fan zones all day long. The source reported that the decision on where and when to sell beer to fans has been determined now, but the price that fans will pay for beer is still under consideration.

Respect local rules

“We work closely with FIFA, which administers relationships with the Qatari authorities, to ensure our activities for our tournament are carried out with respect and in accordance with the rules, a spokesperson on behalf of the manufacturer holding the rights to sell beer at the World Cup said in a statement via email. "We always respect the local 'customs and cultures in the 'markets' where we 'operate' or 'host' events," the spokesperson told Reuters.

The organizing committee of the World Cup in Qatar, the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy, did not respond to requests for comment on the World Cup regulations on alcohol. The Media Office of the Qatar Government has directed the requests to the Supreme Committee.

There will be four matches on most days during the group stage in the tournament, with the first match starting at 1 pm. It is not yet clear how Qatar will deal with sales of beer before the match between Wales and Iran scheduled for Friday 25 November at 1 pm. Qatar currently requires most stores and restaurants in the country to close their doors during Friday prayers.

There have been questions about the placement of alcoholic beverages in the finals of the World Cup this year since Qatar won the right to host in 2010.

Nor can visitors bring liquor to Qatar, even from the free market at the airport, and they cannot purchase it from the only liquor store in the country, on the outskirts of Doha. And only for expats with permits to purchase liquor to drink at home. Visitors can drink liquor at a few dozen hotels and licensed clubs, where the price of a pint of beer can reach $18.

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