Layla Abdel Latif Predicts Morocco to Qualify for World Cup Semifinals

  • Publish date: Saturday، 10 December 2022
Layla Abdel Latif Predicts Morocco to Qualify for World Cup Semifinals

The mistress of astrological predictions, Lebanese Layla Abdel Latif, predicted that the Moroccan national team would reach the semi-final qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, while she expected Argentina to meet Brazil in the final match of the 2003 World Cup in Qatar.

The famous Lebanese astronomer, Layla Abdel Latif, predicted, through her personal channel on the YouTube video site, a set of expectations, including the arrival of an Arab team, to the semi-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The Lebanese fortune-teller, Layla Abdel Latif, predicted, before the start of the Qatar World Cup, that the Moroccan national team would pass to the second round and that the Saudi national team would achieve a historic surprise, which is what actually happened when the Saudi national team defeated its counterpart, the Argentine national team, with a score of 2/1, amidst Arab and international astonishment with this result.

Layla Abdel Latif's expectations about the Moroccan National Team ignited the enthusiasm of football fans and fans of the Atlas Lions, who achieved an unprecedented spherical miracle in the Arab world during all the World Cup matches organized in Qatar 2022.

It is mentioned that the clairvoyant, Layla Abdel Latif, had talked about a group of incidents, some of which occurred in many countries, including, for example, the Istanbul explosions and the Russian-Ukrainian war, while she expected that medicine would witness a miraculous turning point, as cancer would be eradicated away from medicines and chemicals. Through an Arab plant, through which all patients will be cured.

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