Ooredoo Announces Record-breaking Figures During World Cup Qatar

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 28 December 2022
Ooredoo Announces Record-breaking Figures During World Cup Qatar

Official Middle East & Africa Telecommunications Operator at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar announced record figures at the end of the sporting mega-event, reinforcing its position as a global leader in telecoms and ICT.

The stunning final between Argentina and France at the Lusail Stadium consumed a record 45.1TB of data, 8.4TB of stadium WiFi, over 650,000 calls made and 32,000 fans roaming, and the records set at the opening ceremony were broken by the end of the tournament.

Chief Commercial Officer of Ooredoo, Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani, said: "There are no words to describe the pride we feel in completing the world's greatest sporting event. It was phenomenal to host such an incredible event in our beloved country and give our country such an outstanding performance."

"For Ooredoo, the opportunity to show the world what we and our network of champions can do was invaluable. The atmosphere in Doha over the last few weeks has been nothing short of breathtaking and this has been confirmed on Ooredoo; because every record has been set and then broken and we have seen every day what an incredible experience football fans have been able to enjoy thanks to the efforts of every member of the Ooredoo team." Sheikh Nasser added.

3.4 million fans used a phenomenal 801 TB of data, 40.3% of which was received over Ooredoo's groundbreaking 5G network at speeds of up to 236 Mbps across all 64 matches of the world's most famous football tournament, 58.2% used a 4G network with speeds of up to 19 Mbit/s. 201TB of Wi-Fi was used in and around eight stadiums.

Throughout the event, 11.4 million voice calls were made, 63.1% of them via VoLTE, with a call success rate of 99.95%, and a staggering 646,000 fans were on the move.

In the eight stadiums, 8,466 antennas installed to support the network, while a team of more than 500 field service experts ensured smooth service.

Lusail Stadium had the highest performance with 222 TB of data used and 2.9 million views for the entire tournament.

A complete modernization of the 4G/5G mobile network with the latest and most advanced hardware and features has made it ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Major upgrades of outdoor radio stations with the latest 5G technology have maximized country-level coverage, including stadiums, airports, rail networks, fan zones and other FIFA-related facilities. The capacity of Fan Zones and other venues and hotspots has been increased.

Mobile network services with more than 5,000 cells, more than 1,500 DOTs, TETRA services and a Wi-Fi backbone offered the latest 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G technologies in all eight stadiums.

More than 1,130 multi-beam antennas connected more than 355 km of RF cables and more than 202 km of fiber optic cables, covering eight stadiums and the surrounding area with 4G and 5G.

Ooredoo has used a new AI-powered identity authentication and SIM activation process to speed up and simplify the registration process. The service has deployed sophisticated AI-based digital know-your-customer (KYC) technology to quickly and efficiently determine the true identity of users in the digital world.

The AI-powered virtual voice assistant powered by Google Contact Center AI was available 24/7 to support customers in nine different languages ​​including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

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