The "Atlas Lions" Capture the Hearts of Moroccans Again

  • Publish date: Friday، 06 January 2023 Last update: Sunday، 08 January 2023
The "Atlas Lions" Capture the Hearts of Moroccans Again

The stars of the Moroccan national team captured the hearts of the Moroccan people after the wonderful achievement they achieved in the 2022 World Cup, which was held in Qatar recently.

The Moroccan national team succeeded in taking fourth place in the 2022 World Cup finals, after a wonderful journey, as the Moroccan national team topped its group at the expense of the national teams of Croatia, Belgium, and Canada.

The journey continued with the elimination of Spain from the round of 16 after resorting to penalty kicks, and then detonating a major surprise by reaching the semi-finals for the first time in the history of the Arabs and the continent of Africa, after eliminating Portugal from the quarterfinals.

The Moroccan dream stopped after losing in the semi-finals to France 2-0, before losing the chance to win the bronze medal after losing to Croatia 1-2.

But the stars of the Moroccan national team were not satisfied with this limit, as they wanted to etch their names in the hearts of their countrymen with more wonderful actions, but this time off the field.

The German "Sport1" network reported that Moroccan Naseer Mazraoui, Bayern Munich's full-back, decided to support charity in his country with an amount equivalent to 280,000 euros, in addition to donating the reward he received after the achievement in the World Cup.

Mazraoui is not the only star from the Moroccan national team who decided to donate to charity, as the German network quoted Moroccan reports that Chelsea star Hakim Ziyech also decided to donate the equivalent of 325,000 euros to workers in the Moroccan national team, in addition to charitable causes in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The German network stated that Ziyech used to do this after every official participation in a major tournament with the Moroccan national team, and that the Chelsea star does not keep any financial profits from his participation with the national team.

It is worth noting that the Moroccan Football Federation has reaped fantastic returns from its historic participation in the 2022 World Cup, as Morocco reaped profits equivalent to 25 million USD.

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