Snap Inc. and Qatar Tourism Illustrate Qatar Marvels on Doha Corniche

  • Publish date: Thursday، 24 November 2022
Snap Inc. and Qatar Tourism Illustrate Qatar Marvels on Doha Corniche

In partnership with Qatar Tourism, Snap Inc. has unveiled a number of immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences that invite visitors from all over the world to enjoy Qatar's marvels.

Visitors to Qatar can experience the immersive AR activities at Al Dafna Park on the Doha Corniche beginning on November 20 and continuing until December 18.

Both locals and visitors are encouraged to flash their groove and take pictures in front of the enormous AR mirror that is situated on the Corniche. The lens will begin animating using Snap's body tracking technology, producing an augmented frenzy of joy, swirls, zigzags, and footballs. Visitors can download and keep the memories by simply scanning the QR code on the screen after a photo of their time in Qatar has been taken.

Visitors will be instructed to scan the Snapcodes on the side plinth while in line in order to view the immersive Sky Segmentation lens. Users of the Face lens are welcome to view the light show that features Qatar's national animals while wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Snapchat users are taken to a gorgeous night sky full of stars as soon as they switch to the World lens, where they can watch as a constellation begins to coalesce to form a falcon, whale shark, and oryx. The animals that represent the air, sea, and land come to life when the stars are discovered and illuminated, urging visitors to "Feel greater amazement in Qatar."

"We're happy to work with Qatar Tourism to provide a series of immersive experiences for everyone to enjoy at the heart of Doha, as tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe gather in Qatar, Snapchat gives them the chance to express themselves artistically and take part in the fun as they rejoice, snap, and share happy moments with their loved ones.", said Hussein Freijeh, general manager of Snap Inc. MENA.

"We are thrilled to cooperate with Snapchat to bring an immersive activation to life using AR technology," said Berthold Trenkel, Chief Operating Officer of Qatar Tourism.

He added: "We are dedicated to giving our visitors experiences that are unmatched and emotionally stirring. Qatar provides visitors with a wide selection of beach activities on its beautiful beaches, world-class museums, arts, and culture, a range of adrenaline-pumping adventures, and an exciting choice of regional and global gastronomic experiences. When visiting Qatar, football fans will have the ability to explore the country's wonders through Snap's immersive augmented reality spectacles."

Football fans now use their phones to talk with friends, engage in augmented reality experiences, celebrate victories, and access behind-the-scenes content during the game's 90 minutes.

Football fans have the opportunity to capture and share significant moments and memories with families and friends at the biggest sporting event in the world thanks to Snapchat, which is used daily by over 340 million people to engage with a variety of content and innovative AR experiences that bring them closer to the action.

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