Qatar's Canary Wharf Wins the 2022 Sustainability Prize

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 19 July 2022
Qatar's Canary Wharf Wins the 2022 Sustainability Prize

The Canary Wharf Group, owned by the Qatar Investment Authority in partnership with Brookfield Property Partners in London, won the award for being the best organization in the field of sustainable environmental development for the year 2022.

This came after a strong competition with 5 of the biggest British institutions working in the field of more sustainable development in Britain, making it the 100th institution to win this award by the British AJ Foundation for Architecture in the United Kingdom

Two of the biggest British institutions praised the selection of the Canary Wharf Group for this year's award, where a press release issued by Darling Associates and British Glenn Howells Architects stated that Canary Wharf is the UK's biggest sponsor of biodiversity-based, eco-friendly, and sustainable urban architecture.

In a press statement, Sophie Goddard, Director of the Sustainability Sector at Canary Wharf Group, stated that the group's obtaining the title of Best Sustainability Institution Award by the AJ Foundation this year, expresses the group's commitment to sustainability plans and multiple environmental developments, through the implementation of All engineering and architectural projects undertaken by the group, whether residential buildings or buildings designated for work and meetings.

Sophie Goddard stressed that the group still has a long way to go to reach the best results related to environmental sustainability and added during her press statement that the efforts of many workers helped advance in this field until this distinguished appreciation was reached by one of the most important architectural and engineering institutions in the United Kingdom.

Canary Wharf owns approximately 7.7 million square feet of office space and 0.9 million square feet of stores, cafes, and restaurants, In addition to the “10 Park Drive” building and the “one Park Drive” building, which are two of the tallest skyscrapers erected in the “Canary Wharf” area and were designated for private housing, As well as the “10 George Street” building and the “Water Street and 8 Newfoundland” building, which included approximately 1,137 housing units.

Canary Wharf Group is considered one of the first British institutions working in the field of real estate engineering to implement an environmentally friendly sustainability plan since 1998, Where the group developed the first master plan for all the buildings it builds to be carbon-neutral by 2030, and most of the buildings and construction projects carried out by the group have received the certificate of the British Institution for Environmental Research and Methodology “BREEAM”.

The “North Quay” project on the Isle of Dogs Island will be the latest environmentally friendly project that applies all the provisions of the plan related to sustainability and has the latest “BREEAM” certification, according to the latest data issued on how the sustainability plans are implemented, the group has reduced carbon emissions to It has halved all projects since 2012 and has reduced water consumption by 29% over the past two years.

The group also recorded the highest record of not sending any waste from work areas since 2009, according to the plan is set to dispose of waste based on the waste recycling process.

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