Creative People with Disabilities Compete for "Ammar 2022" Award

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 21 September 2022
Creative People with Disabilities Compete for "Ammar 2022" Award

In the presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Maryam bint Ali Al-Misnad, Minister of Social Development and Family, the Ammar Award for Supporting Creative People with Disabilities 2022 was launched on Monday, 12 September, in Qatar in its sixth season and its Gulf edition , which will be held in all Gulf countries for citizens and residents, under the slogan “Inspiration speaks Gulf”, as part of its tour to select the participants in its competitions.

Qatar is the fourth stop of the award, as the award team toured a number of Saudi cities to discover talent, and visited the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar, which is the fourth stop, and then the Sultanate of Oman, where the finale will be in Dubai, UAE, where 20 creators from Qatar were selected to participate in the award.

The closing ceremony of the award will be corresponding to the 23rd of next October in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, where 5 winners will be announced, whether from talents and creators or from projects and ideas.

There are three paths for participation in the Ammar Prize. The first path is for people with disabilities, in which talented and creative people from different categories of disabilities and in all fields participate, and 3 participants win.

The first winner receives a cash prize of 70,000 Saudi riyals, while the second winner receives 50,000 riyals. And the third winner is 30 thousand riyals.

The second path is the service track for people with disabilities, in which

competitors participate in ideas and projects to serve people with disabilities, where the winner will receive a cash prize of 25,000 Saudi riyals.

The third path is the non-profit sector path, in which non-profit organizations participate in projects for the development and empowerment of people with disabilities, and the winner receives a cash prize of 50,000 riyals.

The jury is headed by Dr. Ammar Bouqas, President of Al-Irada Association and founder of this award, artist Tariq Al-Ali, artist Qusai Khedr, fine artist, Shorouk Amin, and journalist Batal Al-Qous.

Dr. Ammar Bouqas, founder of the Ammar Award for Talents with Disabilities, spoke about the launch of the award for the first time in 2014, and it was a competition to select talented people with disabilities and then developed into a charitable organization, and came under the name of the Al-Irada Association.

He pointed out that it is the first association in the world to support talented people with disabilities, and it is a humanitarian and social initiative targeting talented and creative people with disabilities, as it has refined their talents and developed their creativity through full support for them.

He explained that the Ammar Award is one of the association's annual programs, which is expanding every year, noting that in 2021 the Ammar Award was launched to support creators with disabilities in its first season at the level of the Gulf states, and in this year 2022, which is the sixth season locally, and the second in the Gulf Where a new path has been created for non-profit organizations.

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