Is It a Sign that Brazil Will Win the World Cup Qatar 2022?

  • Publish date: Monday، 05 December 2022
Is It a Sign that Brazil Will Win the World Cup Qatar 2022?

The Fans of the teams nominated to win the World Cup usually depend on the signs, events, and paradoxes that were repeated in previous versions, as good tidings of the possibility of winning the title.

The Qatar World Cup 2022 witnessed a historic coincidence that was absent about 28 years ago, and its repetition came to give Brazil good news of the possibility of winning its sixth title in the World Cup.

Brazil begins its journey in the knockout stages of the World Cup Qatar 2022 by facing South Korea in the 16th round, after leading its group in the first round with 6 points on goal difference against Switzerland, after achieving two wins over Serbia (2-0) and Switzerland (1-0) and a loss from Cameroon (1-0).

A coincidence that prompts the Brazilian national team to be optimistic about the 2022 World Cup

History says that when no team achieves 9 points in the group stage of the World Cup, this means that Brazil is the one who wins the title in the end, and this happened in 3 out of 5 titles won by Samba Dancers.

This was repeated in Qatar 2022 for the first time since the finals were hosted by the United States in 1994, and Brazil won its title for the fourth time in its history at the time.

At that time, any team didn't succeed in collecting the full 9 points in the group stage, including Brazil, which fell into a draw with Sweden, but it continued on its way to the final match in which it overcame Italy by a penalty shootout, to win its fourth title.

As for the first time that coincidence occurred, it was in the 1958 edition hosted by Sweden, where Brazil succeeded in reaching the quarterfinals with two victories and a single draw, before continuing its march to the final match and outperforming the owners of the land, thus legend Pele won his first title.

And the same thing was repeated 4 years later in the version hosted by Chile in 1962, where Brazil beat Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final match after it tied with them in the groups negatively so that the "samba dancers" won their second title at the time.

But the only negative point that may break this optimism is that Brazil does not historically win the World Cup if it suffers a defeat in the group stage, which happened in the Qatar World Cup, where the samba dancers suffered a sudden loss against Cameroon in the last round of Group G.

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